Line 74 (Yongxing--Mianyang Central Hospital)

Route A (Yongxing--Mianyang Central Hospital)

Yongxing--Yongchang Road--Forgood Distillery--Xinzao Road Junction--Xinzao Town--Tieqilishi Group--Minxing Steel Market--East Section of Feiyun Road--Shiqiaopubashe--West Gate of Residential Area--Mianyang High-tech Experimental Middle School--East Gate of Residential Area--Request Stop of Shiqiaopu East Road--Shizilukou--Shiqiaopu Village--Dongchen Primary School--Train Station--Huayuan South Road Junction--Dongtian Park--Gongqisi LNG Station--Shitang Road--Daximen--Xinghong International Commercial Plaza--Mianyang Central Hospital

Route B (Mianyang Central Hospital--Yongxing)

Mianyang Central Hospital--Hongxing Road°™Mianyang Wanjiang Eye Hospital--Yinma Bridge--Yuyingba--Xiyi Lane--Gongqisi LNG Station--Dongtian Park--Huayuan South Road Junction--Dongchen Primary School--Shiqiaopu Village--Request Stop of Shiqiaopu East Road--Shizilukou--East Gate of Residential Area--Mianyang High-tech Experimental Middle School--West Gate of Residential Area--Shiqiaopubashe--East Section of Feiyun Road--Minxing Steel Market--Tieqilishi Group--Xinzao Road Junction--Forgood Distillery--Yongchang Road--Yongxing

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