Line 71 (Huoju Building--Dong Road)

Route A (Huoju Building--Dong Road)

Huoju Building--21st Century Huayuan Residential Area--Shuangbei Middle Road--3536 Factory--Wanxiang Decoration Building Materials Shopping Mall--Train Station--Huayuan Residential Area--Qixinglou--Fule Road Junction CapitaLand Square--Linyuankou--Shunhe Road--Dong Road

Route B (Dong Road--Huoju Building)

Dong Road--Nan Road Junction--Nanhe Road Junction--Hongxing Road--Shunhe Road--Linyuankou--Fule Road Junction--Qixinglou--Huayuan Residential Area--Train Station--Wanxiang Decoration Building Materials Shopping Mall--3536 Factory--Home Appliance City--Huoju Building

Schedule: Summer (To be updated) Winter (To be updated)