Line 69 (Huaxing Up Road--Daximen)

Route A (Huaxing Up Road--Daximen)

Huaxing Up Road--Jiuyuanhuayuan Residential Area--Middle Section of Zhongjing Road--Liuli Village Residential Area--Liuli Village--North Section of First Ring Road--Fule Coach Station--Gongqisi Petrol Station--Furong Bridge--Youxian Insurance Company--Haizong Road--Dong Road--Hongxing Road--Middle Section of Nanhe Road--Daximen

Route B (Daximen--Huaxing Up Road)

Daximen¡ªXinghong International Commercial Plaza--Mianyang Central Hospital--Dong Road--Youxian Insurance Company--Furong Bridge--Gongqisi Petrol Station--Xianren Bridge--Fule Coach Station--North Section of First Ring Road--Liuli Village--Liuli Village Residential Area--Middle Section of Zhongjing Road--Jiuyuanhuayuan Residential Area--Huaxing Up Road

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