Line 68 (Shima Market--New World Department Store)

Route A (Shima Market--New World Department Store)

Shima Market--Request Stop of Laoshuijing--Request Stop of CNPC--Request Stop of Cuiping Village--Request Stop of SINOPEC--Hengshan Village--First Community of Hengshan Village--Fujiang Village--Request Stop of Qixing Village--Qixing Village--Ersuo¡ªZifu Village Road Junction--First Zone of Science City--Ninth Zone of Science City--Transport Department--Songlinpo--Yisiba--Mianshan Road--Middle Section of Zhiping Road--Request Stop of Zhiping Road--Zhiping Road--Furong Bridge--Youxian Insurance Company--Haizong Road--Dong Road--Mianyang Central Hospital--Anchang Road Junction--Huaxi Securities--New World Department Store

Route B (New World Department Store--Shima Market)

New World Department Store--Dongfanghong Bridge--Pharmaceutical Factory--The Third Hospital of Mianyang--Furong Bridge--Zhiping Road--Request Stop of Zhiping Road--Middle Section of Zhiping Road--Mianshan Road--Yisiba--Songlinpo--Transport Department--Ninth Zone of Science City--First Zone of Science City--Zifu Village Road Junction--Ersuo--Qixing Village--Request Stop of Qixing Village--Fujiang Village--First Community of Hengshan Village--Hengshan Village--Request Stop of SINOPEC--Request Stop of Cuiping Village--Request Stop of CNPC--Request Stop of Laoshuijing--Shima Market