Line 12 (Zuojiagou)(Middle Section of Kaiyuan Road--Zuojiagou)

Route A (Zuojiagou)(Middle Section of Kaiyuan Road--Zuojiagou)

Middle Section of Kaiyuan Road--The Third Hospital of Mianyang--Youxian Insurance Company--Middle Section of Dongjin Road--Shenjiaba--Talent Center--Shenfu Road Junction--Baiyundong--Ziyang Residential Area--Ziyang Village Committee--Fifth Community of Ziyang--Niupengyan--Zuojiagou

Route B (Zuojiagou)(Zuojiagou--Middle Section of Kaiyuan Road)

Zuojiagou--Niupengyan--Fifth Community of Ziyang--Ziyang Village Committee--Ziyang Residential Area--Baiyundong--Shenfu Road Junction--Talent Center--Shenjiaba--Haizong Road--Hanjiaji--Shenghefengjing Residential Area--Middle Section of Kaiyuan Road

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