Line 11 (575 Factory--New World Department Store)

Route A (575 Factory--New World Department Store)

575 Factory--Sancha Road Junction--Huangjiaci--Hejiaci--Puming North Road--Wanxing Road Junction--Mianyang Foreign Language School--FuqiangStomatological Clinic--21st Century Huayuan Residential Area--Shuangbei Middle Road--3536 Factory--Wanxiang Decoration Building Materials Shopping Mall--520 Hospital--Longxiangyuan Residential Area--Gaojiancao--Food Market--Second Community of Huayuan Residential Area--Huayuan Village--Mianyang High School--East Section of Jianmen Road--No.10 East Section of Jianmen Road--Mianyang Cancer Hospital--DuyanStomatological Clinic--New World Department Store

Route B (New World Department Store--575 Factory)

New World Department Store--South Side of Changhong International Residential Area--No.10 East Section of Jianmen Road--East Section of Jianmen Road--Mianyang High School--Huayuan Village--Second Community of Huayuan Residential Area--Food Market--Gaojiancao--Longxiangyuan Residential Area--520 Hospital--Wanxiang Decoration Building Materials Shopping Mall--3536 Factory--Shuangbei Middle Road--21st Century Huayuan Residential Area--FuqiangStomatological Clinic--Mianyang Foreign Language School--Wanxing Road Junction--Puming North Road--Hejiaci--575 Factory Request Stop--Sancha Road Junction--575 Factory

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