Line 42

Ticket Price: CNY 1

Distance from Pingzheng Coach Station to Pingzheng Coach Station is 18 kilometres  

Summer time:  06:20 - 21:00  

Winner time:  06:30 - 20:30

Route A

Pingzheng Coach Station Xishan Flyover Train Freight Station Xianfeng Road Junction Sanhui Flyover Gongqisi LNG Station Mianjuan Road Junction South Section of 1st Ring Road Viaduct Nanshan LNG Station Nanshan Bridge Nan Road Junction Fule Bridge Haizong Road Furong Bridge Gongqisi Petrol Station Xianren Bridge Fule Coach Station North Section of 1st Ring Road Liuli Village Wuzhuang Building Pingzheng Coach Station

Route B :

Pingzheng Coach Station Wuzhuang Building Liuli Village North Section of 1st Ring Road Fule Coach Station Gongqisi Petrol Station Furong Bridge Haizong Road Fule Bridge Nan Road Junction Nanshan Bridge Viaduct South Section of 1st Ring Road Mianjuan Road Junction Gongqisi LNG Station Sanhui Flyover Xianfeng Road Junction Train Freight Station Xishan Flyover Pingzheng Coach Station