3.55 Million Passengers are Transported by Mianyang Airport in 2017

(Mianyang News) (reporter, Tian Mingxia) yesterday (Jan. 1, 2018), it was reported that 3.55 million passengers were transported safely by Mianyang Airport in 2017, an increase of 63% than that of last year. Among the small and medium airports of the whole country, Mianyang Airport has the highest increase in passenger flow volume in 2017.

According to the introduction, the development of Mianyang Airport route has always been guided by the construction demand of the High-tech City. We have been improving the accessibility of the city through continuous improvement of the airline network. In 2017, Mianyang Airport was open to a total of 38 cities. It boasts 47 airlines and 21 airline companies flying to major cities and districts, which formed an airline network connecting east and west and linking rivers and oceans. Mianyang Airport also continued to open more and more flights. We can take a round-trip flight from Mianyang to parts of the domestic cities in a day. We can also reach the main areas of the country in 3-4 hours. If we want to go to Europe, Australia or other international and regional key cities, we can transfer exit flight on the same day. All of those can meet the great demand for a higher and more efficient official business trip.

Mianyang Airport has always adopted measures such as introducing competitive companies on the same routes, introducing low-cost airline operation routes, and strengthening coordination with airlines sales departments to reduce the ticket price level of Mianyang airlines. In 2017, the average fare of Mianyang Airport was 94% lower than that of Chengdu. 79% of airline fare was more than 100 yuan lower than that of Chengdu's similar airlines. Therefore, more citizens could enjoy the convenience and benefits by air from Mianyang Airport.

In recent years, we have cooperated with tourist special airlines of Sichuan. We have vigorously organized airlines of Sichuan to land in Mianyang, so that those passengers could visit the main tourist attractions in Sichuan from Mianyang. We are aiming to build Mianyang Airport as a new channel to Sichuan, as well as a travel center of Sichuan aviation.