The Annual Passenger Throughput of Mianyang Reaches Three Million

Airport staff in Mianyang presented the flowers to the 3,000,000th passenger and showed the congratulation. (Photo by Putao)

(Mianyang News) On October 22, 2017, the flight CA1451 from Beijing to Mianyang has arrived at Mianyang Nanjiao Airport at 9: 50 and Yang Jiamin, who has travelled in this plane, was fortunate enough to become the 3,000,000th passenger for Mianyang airport in 2017. Yuanfang, member of municipal standing committee, deputy secretary of party working committee in science and technology city, executive deputy director of management committee and party secretary of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Mianyang municipal and Luomeng, deputy mayor of Mianyang has attended the ceremony and witnessed this exciting moment.    

Ever since its first flight in 2001, the annual passenger throughput of Mianyang has topped 3 million for the first time. To date, Mianyang airport has thus become the only feeder-line airport across the whole nation to realize the leapfrog development of passenger throughput from 2 million to 3 million within 300 days in recent years, which can, in turn, further stabilize its position as the medium-sized airport and regional airport hub across the nation.

Upon stepping down the airplane, Yang Jiamin received the flowers and free air tickets presented by the airport staff of Mianyang. ¡°It is really amazing and I¡¯m very happy¡±, as he put it. According to him, he and his colleagues have to travel frequently because of work matters and thus has witnessed the development of Mianyang airport.

As is introduced by the manager of Mianyang airport, 21 airline companies have opened 47 air routes in Mianyang airport up to now and the total mileage of air routes can be up to 82779 kilometers, extending to Shanghai in the west, Urumchi in the east, Harbin in the north and Sanya in the south. An increasing number of passengers have chosen to enter or leave Sichuan province through Mianyang airport. The throughput passenger of Mianyang airport has seen a year-on-year increase, which can be attributed to both the ever-increasing air-travelling demand in Sichuang province and the settlement of such big companies and projects as BOE Technology Group¡¯s total investment of Generation 6th production line and Hanergy¡¯s mobile energy industrial park etc. in Mianyang. As the only science and technology city and Comprehensive Innovation and Reform Experimental City across the nation£¬the ever-frequent foreign commercial trade has brought large number of passengers for Mianyang airport. In the meanwhile, Mianyang airport has also taken the initiative to extensively contact the airline companies and travel agencies in recent years and make every endeavor to get the flight timetable and schedules, which has laid foundation for its development. At present, Mianyang has opened over 80,000 kilometers of air routes for business and tourism purposes, which make it possible for Mianyang to widen its openness and cooperation, grasp the huge and strategic opportunity of One Belt and One Road and the Yangtze River Economic Zone, speed up the construction of national science and technology city and build a broad road for its development. (Tian Mingxia, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)