Exciting News! Shaanxi Section of XiĄŻan-Chengdu High Speed Railway Electrified and Put into Trial Operation Yesterday; It will Run to Mianyang Next Month!

Live reporter learned on May 8, 2017 from XiĄŻan-Chengdu High Speed Railway Construction Headquarters that, dynamic debugging (electrification and trial operation) for Shaanxi section of XiĄŻan-Chengdu High Speed Railway formally starts, while that for Sichuan section will start one month later.

It is known that construction of Shaanxi section started six months earlier than that of Sichuan section, and dynamic debugging of electrification and trial operation is in accordance with project schedule. Currently, in Sichuan section, static review is completed; the construction party is seizing every moment to complete preparation work before dynamic review, including track welding, track grinding, removal of turnout defects and obstacles. According to the project schedule, Sichuan section of the railway will be electrified and put into trial operation on June 10, and then dynamic review will be conducted.

The Ą°dynamic debuggingĄ± has two stages. In the first stage, overhead lines have generally met the conditions for electrification but without power supply. The review party will organize the diesel locomotive to tow track geometry car and catenary inspection car to conduct a trial run. It is called Ą°cold-slip testĄ±, which is conducted to inspect that whether the installment and performance of the system devices accord with the design requirements. After cold-slip test is qualified, hot-slip test will be conducted in the next stage. Under the condition of current transmission by overhead lines, the trial train will operate independently. On this basis, system devices including power supply, signal, communication, circuit and electric machine will be under comprehensive inspection. Generally, electric locomotive operates independently and on the safe side, one diesel locomotive will be added in case of emergency.

The next step is alignment joint-test, in which Comprehensive Inspection Train (CIT) will play its role. It functions as the Ą°examination trainĄ± responsible for the safety of high speed trains, and provides technical support for operation safety assessment of high-speed railway and the maintenance instructions to railway administrations.

The last step is trial operation, in which high speed trains operating in real situation will participate. It includes train diagram parameter test, test of train operation in accordance with diagram, fault simulation test and exercise of emergency rescues. Then the manned trial operation will be conducted and people from all sectors of society, journalists and train fans will be invited to experience in advance.

After trial operation is qualified, the high-speed railway can be formally opened to traffic and put into operation.

As introduced, upon opening to traffic of XiĄŻan-Chengdu High Speed Railway, it will take three hours at most from XiĄŻan to Chengdu, and travel time from Chengdu to Beijing will be shortened to less than 8 hours! The railway passes through Hanzhong, Ningqiang, Guangyuan, Mianyang, Deyang, and then connects to Chengdu East Railway Station.

14 stops are set along the railway. Of which, 10 stations are newly built and 4 existing stations are made full use of. In Sichuan, newly-built stations include Zhongzi, Jianmenguan and Jiangyou North; Guangyuan and Jiangyou are existing ones. In Shaanxi, newly-built stations include Epanggong, Huxian East, Xinchangjie, Foping, Yangxian West, Chenggu North and Ningqiang Nan; existing stations are XiĄŻan North and Hanzhong. (Reporter: Lu Wenlin Jiangyou TV)