The Huangtuliang Tunnel Is Open The Journey Time Is Half-hour Shorter From Mianyang to Jiuzhaigou Valley

The Huangtuliang Tunnel stretches 4,895 meters

Sichuan online news (reporter Zou Junchuan) On May 8, our reporters learned from the Road Transport Bureau of Pingwu county that the Huangtuliang Tunnel on the provincial highway 205 of 35 kilometers long has been finished and conducted its pilot run along with the approach project. The Huangtuliang Tunnel stretches 4,895 meters and is built in the light of secondary road standard. Its opening to traffic will shorten half-hour drive from Miangyang to Jiuzhaigou Valley and avoid the original road covered by ice and snow for most time of year, which can greatly improve the anti-disaster and traffic abilities of the road as well as traffic safety.

Lies in the border of Pingwu county in the city of Miangyang and Jiuzhaigou Valley under Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Hutuliang has a long snowfall period with an altitude of around 3000 meters. Right on April 26, the heavy snow in Hutuliang caused thirteen-kilometer-long snow cover from the duty station of traffic police in Erdaoping within Pingwu county along the provincial road 205 to the peak of Hutuliang with the thickest part at about 20 centimeters. However, the Hutuliang Tunnelí»s opening to traffic will highly improve the traffic capacity from Pingwu county to Jiuzhaigou Valley and shorten half-hour drive as well.

The Huangtuliang Tunnelí»s operation will also improve the habitat of local wild pandas. Connecting with Wanglang National Nature Reserve, Baishui River National Nature Reserve in Gansu province, Wujiao Panda Nature Reserve in Jiuzhaigou county, the Hutuliang gallery is an important distribution area of wild panda and a mountain system that has the largest habitat of existing wild pandas and has most pandas both in variety and quantity. The Hutuliang gallery plays an important role in connecting panda population in northern part of Minshan Mountain. After Hutuliang Tunnelí»s operation, vehicles doní»t have to pass around the peak, which can reduce the influence of human activities on wild pandas. The approach project of the provincial highway 205 also passes by several tourist villages, including Baxijia and Xiangshujia villages under Baimazang township of Pingwu county. Therefore, the completion of this project may strongly promote the development of local tourism and help the people of Baimazang along the road get rid of poverty and become better off.