Mianyang Is Progressively Conducting Comprehensive Campaign on Urban and Rural Environmental Problems

In order to further consolidate the achievements of building Mianyang as a national clean city, districts (industrial parks) of Mianyang are progressively promoting the construction of Mianyang as a national clean city according to the unified arrangement and deployment of the municipal party committee and the municipal government.

ˇ°Consolidate the achievements of building a clean city to create a beautiful homeland for all...ˇ± Such slogan is ubiquitous on publicity banners, bulletin boards and publicity columns, be it in market places, streets or communities of Fucheng district. The district has taken comprehensive actions, strengthened publicity and mobilization, and publicized in a multi-level and comprehensive way by making full use of each medical unit and other publicity fronts and methods. These measures have fully aroused the passion of all communities of society to actively participate in building a national clean city. On the basis of the investigation in the early stage, Youxian district supervised the rectification of the inappropriate publicity of building a clean city and the management of some market places. Regarding the supervision situations, the district laid out new plans to regularly or irregularly rectify and supervise the inappropriateness. At the same time, the Hygiene and Family Planning Bureau of Youxian district also carried out network-resembling inspection of each unit publicizing the construction of a national clean city. Anzhou district, led by the head of the district, vigorously carried out the action of conducting comprehensive campaign on urban and rural environmental problems, the temporary market regulation action and the health education, and banned the illegal market at cultural squares. While specifying tasks and time schedule, the High-tech Zone established a long-term mechanism to concentrate on problem-targeted rectification and to resolve the outstanding problems in strict accordance with the five requirements of clamping down inappropriateness of building a clean city. It also strengthened propaganda, adhered to problem orientation, strictly complied with the standards of building a national clean city, timely grasped and reported the progress of each key project to urge the rectification without any dereliction. All the streets and communities of the Science and Innovation Park set up organizations to take charge of building a national clean city. Three communities made uniform columns to publicize the building of a national clean city. The Urban Management Bureau of the district carried out a severe crackdown on street hawkers and illegal road-occupation construction, to name but a few. It also restored the damaged municipal facilities of the district. The Economic Development Zone fully mobilized various departments (units) and residents of the zone to take an active part in building the national clean city so that everyone could have a part in consolidating the achievements of building the national clean city, improve the city image and environment, and have an awareness of keeping the city clean. Xianhai district checked the tourism enterprises, tourist populated places, wading areas, city environment, key areas, public health and food safety of the scenic spots. It also required tourism enterprises and individual business operators to pay attention to such safety risks as fire control, food, emergency response, water traffic as well as cleaning matters in public places and areas before stores, residences and units along the street.

In addition, the municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce strengthened organizational leadership, extensively publicized and mobilized, explored to establish a long-term mechanism, strengthened supervision and evaluation, paid attention to information collection and feedback, and urged relevant units to timely rectify problems. The municipal Food and Drug Administration conducted food safety supervision in the High-tech Zone, the Economic Development Zone and Anzhou district. It also inspected relevant districts (industrial parks) in accordance with the standards of building a national clean city. The municipal Urban Management Bureau carried out a campaign on road-occupation business, the ˇ°ten disorderlyˇ± behaviors, environmental protection law enforcement, the breeding of poultry and dogs, and other environmental problems. At the same time, other units and departments of the city complied with relevant spirit implicit in the documents released by the municipal party committee and the municipal government while considering specific circumstances and carried out solid and effective actions to build a national clean city in accordance with the arrangements of the municipal Ministry of Review and Guidance.