760,000 Passengers Are Transported During the Spring Festival Holiday

(Mianyang News) On February 21, the reporter learned from the Municipal Transport Department, there were no stranded passengers in all passenger stations of Mianyang, no major traffic road transport accidents and major passenger complaints from February 15 to 4 p.m. of February 21. During the Spring Festival holiday, there were 2,968 passenger-carrying vehicles on the market. The scheduled flights were 57,352 and another 730 flights were added, carrying 761,800 passengers in total and more than 115,000 passengers per day.

During the Spring Festival holiday, the Municipal Transport Department, passenger transport companies and passenger stations carefully formulated transport organization plans and emergency plans, and scientifically and rationally allocated transportation capacity. The city arranged staff to be on duty during the Spring Festival, and timely communicated with the Ministry of Public Security, the Department of Security Supervision and the Meteorological Department so that information could be channeled through. Particularly, considerate plans and measures were laid out for peak periods of the holiday. Transport enterprises also strengthened the dynamic monitoring of their vehicles, timely detected and rapidly disposed illegal behaviors to ensure that vehicles could be monitored and under control around the clock so that their vehicles could be safe, smooth and orderly on the road.

During the Spring Festival holiday, road transport management institutions at city and county level also strengthened market supervision, increased law enforcement officers at key areas, severely punished any drivers who forced passenger to get off on the way and any illegal business operating behaviors so as to effectively maintain the order of passenger transport market. All Passenger transport enterprises and passenger stations stuck to quality service, and took measures such as increasing ticket-selling windows, extending the time of selling tickets and selling online tickets to ultimately make it convenient for passengers to buy tickets.

(Tian Mingxia, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)