2017 Mianyang Centurial Environmental Protection Tour: Make the Sky Azurer, Water Cleaner and Land Greener

Lead: Recently, the organizing committee of Mianyang¡¯s centurial tour of environmental protection has organized an interview group consisting of reporters from several media, including Mianyang Daily, Mianyang Evening Paper and Mianyang TV. The group has made interviews on Mianyang¡¯s measures and results in terms of such issues as Mianyang¡¯s practice of green development, its implementation of rectification of problems of the central and provincial environmental inspection work, the protection of drinking water source and the treatment of black and odorous water in rivers. From today, we will set up a special column with the theme of ¡°Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains Are as Valuable as Gold and Silver£­Mianyang¡¯s Centurial Tour of Environmental Protection in 2017¡±. The column will display the excellent practice and experience about ecological civilization construction in different regions. We look forward to your attention.

(Mianyang News) A few days ago, our reporters mainly made interviews in places, including Yanting county and the economic development zone, along with the organizing committee of Mianyang¡¯s centurial tour of environmental protection. They learned about the fruits these places have achieved in carrying out rectification of problems of the central environmental inspection work. Here are some examples. Fourteen breeding farms in non-breeding area have been shut down or relocated according to relevant laws and regulations in Shilong community, Yunxi town, Yanting county. It has brought back surrounding residents comfortable natural environment. An enterprise producing commercial concrete in the economic development zone has turned ¡°waste¡± into wealth, which has not only saved production cost but also avoided environment pollution. As an important issue of this year¡¯s centurial tour of environmental protection, Mianyang¡¯s progress in pushing forward the problem solving of the central environmental inspection work has become the focus of the organizing committee of Mianyang¡¯s centurial tour of environmental protection and the masses. Our reporters knew that Mianyang attaches great importance to the central environmental inspection work through interview. It keeps on viewing people¡¯s satisfaction as a ¡°rigid index¡± to measure the rectification effect of environmental problems; besides, it also makes great efforts to advance ecological civilization construction and environmental protection and make happy and beautiful Mianyang enjoy auzurer sky, cleaner water and greener land.

Shut down or relocate breeding farms to bring back residents¡¯ comfortable environment.

Shilong community in Yunxi town enjoys beautiful scenery featuring crystal stream, which is just like an exquisite landscape painting. It profits from the fact that the local government has shut down or relocated 14 breeding farms in breeding dense area according to relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, residents here have regained their happy homeland with lush mountains, lucid waters, blue sky and green land.

It turns out that Shilong community in Yunxi town has been designated as an urban planning area along with the planning adjustment of Yanting county. The relevant state regulations show that it is forbidden to feed any livestock and poultry within the planning area. During the inspection of the Central Environmental Inspection Group in Mianyang, someone informed on four breeding farms in Shilong community, claiming that their breeding behaviors had caused environmental pollution. Yanting county immediately took actions to set about rectification of environmental pollution problems. The county-level environmental protection bureau, the local government of the party committee, the community residents committee and other related departments all showed good sense. They strengthened the publicity of environmental protection laws and regulations to farmers and consolidated their environmental awareness. Finally, farmers and the government reached a consensus. As for residents who are still willing to engage in breeding, the local government works as a liaison and coordinator to help them reselect their breeding sites outside the urban planning area; otherwise, the government offers them a compensation in other ways. Fan Rujun, a local resident, told our reporters, ¡°The brook in our village was black and odorous before, while it is so clear now that you can see the bottom. Our village is becoming more and more beautiful.¡±

It¡¯s known that Yanting county takes substantial measures with tough attitude in the course of advancing the problem solving of the central environmental investigation work; it has received good results thanks to its instant investigation and handling. When rectifying and reforming the shale brickyard in Fuyi town, Yanting county, relevant departments of Yanting, including the Ministries of Environmental Protection and Land, have strengthened their operational guidance and supervised the implementation of rectification. The brickyard has successively invested capital to harden its production site, conduct closed production in workshops with dust and transform and upgrade some environmental protection equipment and facilities used for dust extraction, desulfuration and denitration. The brickyard owner told our reporters, ¡°I used to have weak environmental awareness and leave things to chance. Now, I realize that only enterprises pay attention to environmental protection can they maintain sustained development and become powerful and strong.¡±

Refuse reclamation saves cost and avoids wasting.

It was wasteful and time-consuming to break dumped clumpy concrete into small pieces with machines before. Nowadays, the sands and stones can be recycled and reused after those dumped concrete are washed and then separated. ¡°Take a transport cart of 12 steres for commercial concrete as an example, more than 200 kilograms of sands and stones can be recycled every time it is cleaned. If things go on like this, a large amount of resources will be saved,¡± said a director of an enterprise producing commercial concrete to our reporters in Songya town in the economic development zone.

During the inspection of the Central Environmental Inspection Group in Mianyang, someone informed on the enterprise for the reason that its environment breaks the law. The on-the-spot supervision suggested that the enterprise didn¡¯t pass the inspection and acceptance of environmental protection; some raw material was stacked in the open air inside the factory; the spray facilities for dust removal in the factory were incomplete with inadequate coverage; the split-flow system for sewage disposal in the factory was faulty, the gutter used for collecting industrial wastewater was clogged, the effluent settling chamber was badly choked with silt and mud flowed all over the ground in the factory; domestic sewage was directly drained into the rain rill after simple treatment.

Relevant departments, such as the municipal housing construction bureau, the municipal environmental protection bureau and the management committee of the economic development zone, have discussed together and formulated a rectification and reform program to solve these existing problems. The enterprise has invested over three million yuan to renovate and technically transform the construction environment. It has leveled and afforested the construction plant and newly added some equipment and facilities, including the separator for separating sands and stones, filter press, settling pond and facilities for reclamation of waste water, so as to make sure the reclamation of industrial waste residue and water. At present, the hardware facilities and management level of the enterprise have entered a new stage and its production environment has been totally different. A director of the enterprise said, ¡°The newly-added environmentally protective facilities are beneficial for our enterprise¡¯s development because the reclamation of wastes lowers cost and protects the environment. In the future, we will strictly follow laws and regulations, shoulder our environmental protection responsibility and actively participate in environmental protection.¡± (Deng Juan, all-media reporter from Miangyang Daily)