The Public Toilets in Scenic Areas Put on "New Looks" and Unique Toilets Become "Scenic Spots"

Mianyang¡¯s public toilets in scenic areas have been ungraded and become beautiful landscape. (Visual Mianyang/ picture)

Editor¡¯s note: negligible toilets reflect ¡°major livelihood issues¡±. Since the National Tourism Administration lunched the action of a three-year construction and management of public toilets in scenic areas in 2015, Mianyang has been rated as ¡°an advanced city of toilet revolution¡± by the National Tourism Administration for two years in a row. From today, we will set up a special column under the theme of ¡°advancing toilet revolution and making up for the weakness of life quality¡±. The column will focus on Mianyang¡¯s practice and results in terms of the upgradation and transformation of public toilets in scenic areas, the new reconstruction of urban toilets and the ¡°toilet revolution¡± in rural areas in recent years. Therefore, it will create a strong atmosphere for constantly unleashing ¡°toilet revolution¡± in Mianyang so as to enhance the sense of gains and happiness of the masses. We look forward to your attention.

The toilet construction is an indicator of a moderately prosperous society. In recent years, Mianyang¡¯s major scenic areas have kept on strengthening the coordination and integration between the construction of various soft and hard facilities as well as public toilets in scenic areas and the surrounding natural environment as well as landscape resource. The practice of integrating toilets into beautiful scenery has realized the standardization, utilization and normalization of public toilets in scenic areas and showcased their landscape and specialization. The public toilets in scenic areas have put on ¡°new looks¡± and unique toilets have become ¡°scenic spots¡±.

Multifunctional theme toilets win public praise.

A few days ago, our reporters went into a three-star toilet in the Love Valley, a four-class scenic spot in Dakang town, Jiangyou city, whose name implies a harmonious union lasting a hundred years. The toilet with unique appearance subtly integrates itself into the beautiful scenery in the scenic area. Moreover, it also fully displays its humanization and modernization: the toilet is equipped with a complete set of facilities, such as inductive flushing apparatus, ventilation, deodorant aromatherapy and sanitizer. Meanwhile, the public toilets in scenic areas also boast diverse pedestal pans and hand washing sinks that are suited to people of different age groups so that adults and children can go to the toilet easily according to their respective needs. In particular, the grab bars set up in barrier-free toilets can help not only the disabled use the toilet but also offspring look after their disabled elders.

During the interview, visitors kept on singing praises on the comfort and convenience of the public toilets in scenic areas. Among them, Ms Zhu is a visitor from Chongqing who came here for travel with her elder mother with frigid legs. She acclaimed, ¡°The toilets here are so clean. Besides, the most intimate facility is barrier-free toilet, which is very convenient for the disabled to use.¡± Ms. Luo, a young mother with a baby carriage, also said, ¡°There are also restrooms and toilet tables for mother and baby that are only set up in large airports and malls and hand washing sinks of different heights. They are really convenient for us.¡±

Our reporters noticed that just like this newly-built three-star public toilet, a dozen of other public toilets in this scenic area are also under upgradation and transformation and improving their own physical attractiveness. At the same time, toilet culture is gradually taking firm root among the masses. Special picture posters and warning signs are put up on the walls of every toilet in scenic areas so as to actively guide visitors and other people to form good health habits and maintain favorable environment.

Eco-Smart toilets manifest ¡°high technology¡±.

The ¡°toilet revolution¡± in scenic areas of Sci-Tech City of Mianyang not only conforms to natural scenery and highly emphasizes comfort but also connects with science and technology. Our reporters walked into an eco-smart toilet located in the scenic area of Xianhai in the Sci-Tech City of Mianyang, where they learned with their own eyes and ears about the solution to ¡°people¡¯s trouble with going to the toilet¡± by high technology. The toilet cubicles can be transformed within a small space according to the numbers of men and women, which can eliminate the embarrassing situation of queuing up for using the toilet. How miraculous!

According to the staff of the scenic area, the space is actually a small room that has five toilet cubicles with small gates leading to men¡¯s and women¡¯s lavatories respectively. The backstage supporter can judge whether it is crowded in men¡¯s and women¡¯s lavatories via the induction system on the gate of the toilet for capturing visitors flow rate. If the women¡¯s lavatory is detected as high visitors flow rate while men¡¯s lavatory bears lower pressure, the gates leading to men¡¯s lavatory of the toilet cubicles will be shut automatically while the gates leading to women¡¯s lavatory will be opened automatically. In this way, five toilet cubicles are added in women¡¯s lavatory at once. Thus, the problem of ¡°having trouble with going to the toilet¡± is solved in a smart way.

The toilet has also taken substantial actions in terms of ecological environment protection. All walls of the toilet have applied a new-type photocatalyst product and every toilet cubicle has been installed with photocatalyst panel. By doing so, the odour in the toilet can be reduced from the source because ammonia-related compounds can be absorbed and then decomposed by light. What¡¯s more, the toilet is also equipped with inductors and special equipment for deodorization. When the inductor detects that the content of ammonia-related compounds in the toilet is out of limits, the backstage supporter will activate the deodorization device to remove odour by ultraviolet ray.

In addition, there are electronic screens displaying available toilet cubicles on the doors of men¡¯s and women¡¯s lavatories, which are connected with infrared inductions inside the cubicles. As long as the infrared induction inducts that someone is in the toilet, the screen will show red light indicating that ¡°the cubicle is taken¡±. In result, we can say goodbye to the old judgement method of locking doors of cubicles and avoid lots of embarrassment caused by pushing and knocking at the door.

The ¡°toilet revolution¡± makes up the weakness of people¡¯s life quality.

The National Tourism Administration lunched the action of a three-year construction and management of public toilets in scenic areas in 2005. Since then, Mianyang has taken swift actions, formulated a scheme and implemented three major projects, including the optimization and improvement of public toilets in scenic areas, technical revolution and cultural creativity. Mianyang has made the construction and management of public toilets in scenic areas the essential factor in the course of establishing, comparing and assessing as well as checking and accepting scenic areas at A level, starred hotels, starred happy farmhouses and rural hotels and it has carried out ¡°one-vote-down system¡±. Mianyang has also regarded ¡°toilet revolution¡± as a major measure to improve its level of civilization and extended the revolution to toilets in scenic areas and spots, public toilets in rural and urban areas, toilets in vehicles and even toilets in every corner of cities and towns.

In 2005, Mianyang had 116 toilets undergoing construction, among which, 97 were newly built, 19 were rebuilt and 61 were completed. In 2006, Mianyang newly built and rebuilt 120 toilets, among which, 95 were newly built, 25 were rebuilt and 120 were completed. The total number of finished toilets of Mianyang ranked the first across the whole province and thus Mianyang was rated as ¡°an advanced city of toilet revolution in 2016¡±. In 2007, Mianyang had 124 toilets undergoing construction, including 105 newly-built toilets and 19 rebuilt toilets.

Negligible toilets concern major livelihood issues. Fu Bangjie, deputy director of the municipal tourism development committee, summarized in one sentence, ¡°Our great efforts to promote ¡°toilet revolution¡± mainly aims to make up for the weakness of people¡¯s life quality and is conducive to meeting people¡¯s aspiration for a better life and improving people¡¯s sense of happiness from life.¡± (Li Chunmei, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)