The National Fishing Invitational Tournament of "Youxian, Sichuan Cup" and Cultural Tourism Festival of Yunfeng Town Is Held

The National Fishing Invitational Tournament of ¡°Youxian, Sichuan Cup¡± and Cultural Tourism Festival of Yunfeng Town, Youxian District, Mianyang City in 2017 with the theme of ¡°Getting Close to Nature and Participating in Recreational Athletics¡± was held in Yunfeng town, Youxian district on November 11, drawing over 200 professional competitors across the country. Luo Meng, vice mayor of Mianyang, attended the opening ceremony. The starting gun¡¯s shot announced the official start of the competition at a quarter to ten and then fish led by flying fishing rods leaped out of the water one after another. Bathing in warm winter sun, competitors were amazed by the abundant fishery resources of Youxian district.  

This fishing invitational tournament belongs to the forth kind point race fishing competition of CAA, which attracts more than 200 professional competitors and invited professional national judges from China Angling Association. It was held in two national standard fishing ponds, one is 100 meters long and 23 meters wide and another is 100 meters long and 18 meters wide. The competition lasts two days and includes two different items, weight competition for mixed fish with fish rod of 5.4 meters and number competition for targeted fish with fish rod of 4.6 meters.

The activity was hosted by CAA and the leading group of industrial development of Youxian District and sponsored by the Agricultural Bureau of Youxian District, Youxian Sichuan Agriculture Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and other units. It is meant to advance the new development of ¡°all-for-one tourism¡± of Youxian District, to showcase the new image of rural tourism of Youxian, to guide people to form a scientific and healthy lifestyle and advocate the philosophy of getting close to nature and participating in recreational athletics so as to continuously improve the good reputation and popularity of Youxian¡¯s beautiful ecological environment and excellent cultural connotation. (From Mianyang Daily)