Mianyang's Comprehensive Environmental Management Is Bearing Fruit

(Mianyang News) At each dawn, cleaners appeared in the streets of Mianyang, followed by the city sanitation sprinkler, garden operation vehicle, environmental supervision and law enforcement vehicle one by one. Several days ago, our reporter strolled along the Fujiang river in the early morning; the fresh autumn breeze blows gently; he breathes the fresh air, enjoying the beautiful environment.

Zhang Quanli, a resident of Taohua Island, is a middle school teacher. Her college classmates travelling to Mianyang during the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival highly praise the beautiful environment of Mianyang. "Their unwitting saying makes me feel proud of being a citizen of Mianyang." Zhang Quanli said that her classmates habitually use toilet paper to wipe the street chair when taking a rest on the chair." After cleaning, they were very surprised to tell me that the chair had not a speck of dust; this proved how clean the city was!"

In recent years, Mianyang strictly controls the dust pollution, strengthens the joint prevention and control of departments and regions and implements the unified standards and requirements. It perseveres to strengthen the civilized management of construction and the urban and rural road cleaning, to enhance the cleaning force, forbid the entry of dirty cars and adopt all closed operation of garbage collection and transportation.

With strict control measures, we have achieved good results and won a good reputation of the masses, "clean and beautiful river bank and gurgling Fujiang river make me relaxed and happy every day." signed with delight by Li Xu whose home is in the Fubin Yinxiang community. Fujiang River is the mother river of Mianyang; the clean water demonstrates Mianyang's remarkable achievement in environmental quality.

Thanks to the full implementation of "River chief" mechanism in Mianyang, we have achieved a sound water environment. Under the management and control of "river chiefs" at all levels, the construction and management, multilevel linkage and joint guard have been applied in the river improvement. This effectively changes the accumulation of refuse, sewage discharge and river siltation before the management, and makes the river running smoothly and clear, the banks solid and creating a beautiful scene.

In addition, we also pay attention to controlling the water in an ecological way during the management of small and medium-sized rivers. We fully uphold the ecological management philosophy, maintain the river's natural form, value the ecological system of river channel and adopt different methods for different situations. Therefore, the river channels not only enhance the function of flood control, but also integrates with the surrounding ecological landscape. We aim to build ecological landscape, combining the river with small towns with characteristics and the beautiful countrysides, in order to make the river become a bright local scenery.

In Guantai town of Youxian district, the staff of the branch of the municipal environment monitoring and assessment get the reporter to the field. The staff just finished the work of inspecting small watershed and banning the burning of straw. Looking ahead, the reporter saw that the straw was arranged in order and farmer Li Weidong cheerfully told reporters: "Our life becomes better; we should also cherish the environment because we can't have a happy life without a good environment; we are not willing to burn straw; now we have blue sky and white clouds every day and the citizens often travel to our village."

The relevant departments at all levels attach great importance to the prohibition of straw burning. We adhere to the working idea of focusing on persuation and combining it with clogging and treat the returning the mechanized straw to field as an important way to solve the problem of straw. Therefore, there is a substantial increase in the returning area and returning quality over the previous year.

During the interview, the reporter felt that the improvement of the environment brought the citizens more "sense of gain". This was inseparable from the unremitting efforts of the cadres and workers of the environmental protection system in the city and the enhancement of the public's awareness of environmental protection. In recent years, Mianyang has actively risen up to the "three major challenges" of prevention and control of atmosphere, water and soil. We strengthen the pollution control in key areas, severely punish malicious environmental violations, and effectively protect the clear water and blue sky. (Li Jinhui, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)