The Special Inspection Meeting on Air Pollution Prevention and Control is Held in Mianyang

(Mianyang News) On October 16, the special inspection meeting on air pollution prevention and control was held in Mianyang. Huang Hong, a researcher in the southwest department supervision center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, attended the meeting as a supervisor. On behalf of the municipal government, vice mayor Luo Meng made a report on the prevention and control of air pollution work of the whole city. The relevant departments of our city made special speeches and exchanged ideas with the inspection team of the southwest inspection center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The meeting pointed out that we need to implement the sense of responsibility of environmental protection that "party and government share the equal responsibilityˇ±, Two Duties for One Post ˇ°and "to put the environmental protection first in managing industry, business and production and management". We should fully implement the grid management of environmental monitoring, weaving dense supervision grid, implementing well supervision grid and making the supervision responsibility clear for relevant parties. We need to strengthen supervision, to carry out joint and special supervision according to the needs of our work, and to establish the work ledger, so as to prepare for the autumn and winter air pollution control.

The meeting laid further emphasis on clarifying objectives. We need to focus on the implementation of projects, responsibility and the accountability work, and to fully grasp the rectification work. We should attach great importance to urban and rural co-development, strengthen the integrated management, and strictly punish those illegal enterprises and persons. We should strengthen the law enforcement and supervision, improve the responsibility system and the work system, and establish and perfect the long-term mechanism. By doing so, we are expecting to significantly improve the air quality.

The meeting required departments at all levels to improve the understanding of the significance of environmental protection, sparing no efforts to protect the environment. In order to solve severe environmental problems, departments at all levels should aim at specific issues and ensure that each responsibility be assigned to the specific person. We should draw inferences through work, carry out self-examination based on the existing problems, identify and solve problems timely. We will spare no effort to safeguard the fresh air and blue sky. (Li Jinghui, all-media reporter of Mianyang Daily)