750,000 People Visiting Mianyang City in the Early Six Days of Super Golden Week

Mianyang News China Super Golden Week comes as expected when the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday meets the National Day holiday. Attracted by Mianyang city¡¯s fascinating autumn scenery, visitors from far and near gathered here to appreciate the splendid landscape through various tourism activities, such as the top-quality tourist routes, routes featured with folk customs and golden ecotourism routes. On October 6, our reporter learned from Municipal Tourism Development Committee that in the early six days of Super Golden Week, the 10 monitored main tourism sites had 750,000 tourists¡¯ arrivals in total, with tourist income of 124 million RMB. So far, there have been no serious tourist complaints and accidents in the whole city. The market is orderly operated in safety.

Influenced by the earthquakes in Jiuzhaigou County on August 8 and Qingchuan County on September 30, the number of tourists coming to Sichuan during the Mid-Autumn festival holiday and National Day holiday this year decreased. To address this, Mianyang took various measures, such as holding the folk activities, developing entertainment programs and improving the quality of tourism services. Besides, we provided various choices for travelers integrating the festival activities of tourism in the counties, districts and city and carrying out top-quality tourist routes and preferential policies in scenic spots.  

Our reporter visited the scenic spots, including Qiangcheng tourist area in Biechuan, memorial hall to Libai (a great poet of Tang Danysty), the Qiqushan Mountain scenic zone, and found that public signs and cards written the ¡°travel in a polite manner¡±, ¡°please protect public property¡±, ¡°please protect public facilities¡± were placed obviously. This prorogates the common sense of polite traveling. And tourists threw personal plastic bottles and garbage bags into the dustbin. The environment in these scenic zones is good.

Furthermore, vehicles parked orderly at the gate of every spot. Impolite behaviors such as picking flowers, carving, scribbling and littering were rare. The order in ticket office and scenic areas is good. Every visitor traveled in a gentle manner, protecting environment and following the rules and order in the scenic spots consciously.

(Xie Yan, all-media reporter of Mianyang Daily)