Mianyang Held the On-the-Spot Meeting of Historical Figures and Cultural Heritage Innovation Project

2017-08-22   Source: Mianyang Daily

Mianyang News¡ªOn August 21, on-the-spot meeting of historical figures and cultural heritage innovation project was convened in Yuli Township, Beichuan County. At the meeting, some arrangements for the project were made. Zhang Xuemin, member of standing committee of municipal party committee and director of propaganda department attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Zhang Xuemin said that Mianyang enjoys a profound accumulation in history and culture and cultivates many well-known persons throughout the history, such as excellent politicians, ideologists and artists. The historical figures and culture are our precious resources and prominent strengths. It is of great significance to vigorously promote the heritage innovation project. In this way, we can better preserve the essence of Ba-shu culture, promote the inheritance and development of excellent Chinese traditional culture, improve people¡¯s cultural quality and increase the soft power, influence and competitiveness of our culture.

Zhang Xuemin required that relevant departments at all levels should pay more attention to the project, enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, insist on people-oriented principle, take socialist core values as the lead and follow the general requirements of maintaining guidance, mastering academic knowledge and focusing on inheritance to orderly promote the project. Government planning, integrated development and diverse input are also important. All counties and urban districts should combine with their own conditions, give full play to local non-governmental experts and enrich cultural carriers to set up academic research centers, create cultural training bases, plan brand culture activities, create literary works, design theme tour routes and develop excellent cultural products. In this process, the development work should get in harmony with the environment to prevent overdevelopment and separation of culture. Moreover, practical results should be emphasized. Developments of propaganda, culture, tourism, finance and education should specify key tasks and ensure accountability, so as to carry forward excellent Chinese traditional culture and serve for ¡°the Chinese dream¡± of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Before the meeting, all participants visited Folklore Museum, the Non-legacy Training Institute, Shiniu Relics in Yuli Township, Yuxue Groove and the Memorial Hall of Yu the Great. (Report from Mianyang Daily Guo Ruoxue)