City Parks Make Mianyang More Beautiful and Livable

         £­Focus on the construction of city parks in Mianyang

Bird¡¯s eye view of Yuantong Park

City park is not only an important place for citizens to play, relax, exercise and socialize, but also a significant signal of modern city. In recent years, Mianyang downtown has made great efforts to rebuild its existing People¡¯s park, Xishan Park, Fuleshan Park and Nanshan Park. What¡¯s more, it has also newly built the Ecological Wetland Park in the town of Xiaojiangou, the Wetland Park in Anzhou District, Liaoan Park in Anzhou District. And Yuantong Park in High-tech Park and Sports Park in Economic Development Zone are still under construction. Along with its construction and development, city park is constantly making the Sci-tech City of Mianyang more beautiful and livable.

The Ecological Wetland Park in the town of Xiaojiangou is green and luxuriant with people and fish playing there; the Municipal People¡¯s Park enjoys a beautiful scenery with singing and dancing all around; on the top of Fuleshan are tranquil valley against birds¡¯ singing with blue sky and green ground echoing with each other¡­Our reporters have given an interview to the construction of Mianyang¡¯s city parks for several days and enjoyed the beauty and livable environment of Mianyang amid high-quality gardens and unique greenery.

Reporter Zheng Jinrong

Building new parks contributes to the beauty of the city

¡°I always walk around the Wetland Park every morning. The morning air in the park is so fresh and you don¡¯t feel hot at all even if in summer. I always feel that I gain a high spirit after walking around there.¡± Ms. Wang, who lives in Sanxing Community in Xiaojiangou, told our reporter that she used to stay at home and take care of her grandson. While, she has kept coming to the Ecological Wetland Park with her four-year-old grandson to hang out here since it was built and sometimes they even stay here for the whole morning. As a local person born and raised in Xiaojiangou, she has never thought that there would be such a beautiful wetland park right in front of her home after living here the greater part of her life. Therefore, she was very happy when the park was completed.

Located in waterfront green area, the west of Road Mianyan in Xiaojian District and the east of Fujiang, the Ecological Wetland Park has become a ¡°new favorite ¡°of citizens over the half year. It is known that the garden was a deserted mud flat but has become a ¡°harbor of heart¡± with an area of more than 600 mu for citizens to have a rest after five-year construction. Now, the garden is attracting a great number of citizens to play, take a fresh breath, relax and amuse themselves.

The opening ceremony of Liaoan Park in Xishan, Huazhen, Anzhou district draw a lot of attention of citizens on May, 20. Such infrastructures as 5000-strong square meters of primary and secondary squares and 2 kilometers of roads around the mountain, greenery landscape and ancillary works have improved the city¡¯s auxiliary functions and ecological environment. What¡¯s more, citizens can walk around the park to relax, exercise and have a chat there, making the park more beautiful and practical.

According to the work order of the city construction in 2017, Mianyang will also build Yuantong Park in the High-tech Park in line with the local historical and cultural characters so as to offer a happy and beautiful environment for citizens.

Rebuilding old parks is the icing on the cake

The construction of new parks keeps a fast pace while the rebuilding of old parks also paces up. Our reporter gave an interview to four major parks in the downtown and knew the differences between new parks and old ones. The construction of new parks is like creating beautiful and amazing picture in a blank paper, while the rebuilding of old parks is more like the icing on the cake after constant improvement. Our reporter knew from the Municipal Administration of Housing and Construction that great efforts have been put on the software and hardware facilities of People¡¯s Park, Nanshan Park, Xishan Park and Fuleshan Park.

Situated in the confluence of the Fujiang River and the Anchang River, Nanshan Park has newly built Sanjiangyuan architectural complex in ancient style, completed the rebuilding and improvement of Dawan Lake and Xiaowan Lake, and strengthened the maintenance of martyr memorial hall in recent years; Fuleshan Park, which lies on Dongshan and along Furongxi, has intensified its rebuilding on road facilities, green cultivation and landscape highlights on the basis of profound culture of three Kingdoms, adding the features of modern science and technology to this famous mountain with thousands of years of history; Xishan Park has also closely followed the transformation to beauty. Wang Hairong, chief of propaganda department of Administrative Office of Xishan Park, told our reporter that Xishan Park will undergo an upgradation. It will extend a new area of 150 mu and attach great importance to creating some beautiful sights, including Hongmei Square, Breeze Stand, Spring running down from Cliff and Happy Prune Wood. And People¡¯s Park, the most popular one, has been continually rebuilding its artificial hills and greenways to create sights facing the streets and construct ¡°the cultural landscape corridor of People¡¯s Park¡± based on the requirements of afforesting, beautifying and brightening city parks¡­

¡°I often take a walk and have some tea in People¡¯s Park. The park has been getting increasingly beautiful for decades and keeps changing all the time. Every season here has its different charm.¡± Tang Yuliang, a retiree, told our reporter that either shopping and relaxing or drinking tea and chatting become more convenient and comfortable with such a park in the downtown.

Construct tour gardens in streets so that citizens enter beautiful sights once they leave home

The construction of new parks is under full swing and old parks are constantly perfected. Besides the major greening and beautifying projects with large space like parks, the little tour gardens in the streets are also key projects that the urban development department aims to develop. The constructors have specific goal, namely presenting ¡°beautiful Mianyang¡± to citizens.

What is city garden? The city garden usually directly connects with roads and is located in crossroads or one side of the road, which serves as a greenland in the shape of chunk for neighboring citizens and pedestrians to go sightseeing, visit and relax. Despite its limited space, the city garden is small and exquisite. City garden is an important green infrastructure to maintain the ecosystem of modern society and a good place for urban citizens to please themselves both physically and mentally and have entertainment as well. Our reporter knew that Mianyang downtown will create a series of tour gardens in streets in 2017, such as the Daximen tour garden in Fucheng Road, the tour garden in the west side of Shuangbei overpass, the tour garden on the head of Yinshui bridge and the tour garden on carbon dock¡­A group of city gardens will be constructed in Mianyang, making it a new normal to ¡°admire beautiful scenery and have a relaxation everywhere¡±.

In addition to building parks, greenbelts and city gardens, Mianyang will also modify and improve streets, plant combination in cultural square, lighting and the ground pavement. Mianyang will push forward the renovation of alleys in side streets in Fucheng and Youxian districts in an all-round way, improve the living environment in alleyways so as to gradually realize the organic upgradation of old city¡­A train of projects of ¡°happy and beautiful Mianyang¡± is under progress.

City park not only affects the living quality of citizens, but also has multiple ecological effects, including beautifying the city, adjusting the microenvironment of the city, perfecting the air quality of the city, maintaining the city¡¯s ecological balance and preventing and reducing disasters. It represents the policy, economy, culture, style and spirituality of a city and indicates the mindset, pursuit and taste of citizens in a city.

People walk through the attractive sights in the city. One can appreciate beautiful scenery everywhere as long as he lives in Miangyang where the sense of happiness is near at hand.

The opening ceremony of Liaoan Park in Anzhou district (material and photograph reporter An Zheng shoot)