Speeding up the Establishment of Domestically-Renowned Travel Destination and Tourist Center

Survey team from Provincial Tourism Development Commission surveys tourism development of Mianyang

Led by Hu Bing with Accompany of Peng Yuxing

Report from our correspondents Li Zhihao and Guo Ruoxue, Secretary of Party Leadership Group of Provincial Tourism Development Commission led the survey team to carry out investigation on Tourism Development of Mianyang on June 13, 2017. He emphasized that we should correctly understand the new situation, further strengthen the responsibility and urgency to speed up the development of modern tourism, build a unique brand and promote all-for-one tourism with a broader perspective, greater determination and more practical measures. We should accelerate the construction of Mianyang as a domestically-renowned travel destination and tourist center and make contributions to the development of modern tourism in Sichuan province. The municipal party secretary Peng Yuxing accompanied the survey team and gave an introduction.

Hu Bing and his team successively went to Beichuanjingui Village, 5•12 Wenchuan Earthquake Memorial Museum in Beichuan, Xianhai Tourism Resort, China Science and Technology City (Mianyang) Innovation Center and Yuewang Tower to carry out onsite investigations and visited the night scene of Dazzling Three Rivers Beautiful Mianyang. Wherever it went, the survey Team tried to understand the tourism program planning, industry development and cultural exploration in detail. They inspected the infrastructure including the construction of landscape architecture and road traffic, etc.

Hu Bing pointed out that tourism industry was a growth and enriching industry full of vitality and its a green economy boosting development. He indicated that Mianyang should further deepen the understanding and concentrate efforts in establishing characteristic tourist attractions, building tourist product systems, speeding up the construction of tourism infrastructure, promoting integration and development of industries, and improving the influence of tourist market. We should integrate historical and cultural elements in this process and highlight ecological characteristic features, thus setting out on a path of boutique tourism characteristic industrial development. He also indicated to further utilize geographical advantages of Mianyang, strengthen the strategic layout, grasp the core competitive power, promote with full force the integration and development of tourism industry and such relevant industries as culture, agriculture and industrial sectors, further increasing total tourist economy, optimizing the quality of tourism industry and making great efforts to build a strong city in tourism and economy.

Peng Yuxing introduced the tourism development and construction of beautiful Mianyang. He said: The municipal committee and the municipal government pays high attention to tourism development, regards tourism development as the top priority to speed up the development of service industry and as the key point to construct happy and beautiful Mianyang. The municipal committee and the municipal government has put forward the goal of establishing domestically-renowned travel destination and tourist center and released a series of reform measures, which have created a new trend of development in tourism industry. We hope that provincial tourism development commission will offer greater support and help to Mianyang in respects of planning formulation, investment attraction and construction of tourism programs, helping the construction of beautiful Mianyang to reach a higher level.

Member of the standing committee of municipal party committee, propaganda department director Zhang Xuemin, secretary-general of municipal committee Zou Ruoli and responsible persons of relevant municipal departments, relevant counties, cities and parks accompanied the investigation.