Landscape Transformation of Xishan Park Will Begin

It intends to build 13 theme activity area

Effect drawing

News (Reporter Zhao Ye) On June 12, 2017, our reporter learned from the municipal urban planning bureau that the Design Scheme of Landscape of Xishan Park's New Area in Mianyang (hereinafter referred as the scheme) was approved by municipal committee of urban planning. The scheme will upgrade Xishan park into a comprehensive urban culture park integrating culture, leisure, entertainment, physical exercise and showing. It is learnt that the park's upgrading project will start in the near future and will be completed within this year.

According to the responsible person from urban planning bureau, Xishan park, as a municipal city park, cannot meet the needs of regional development because of its small area of only 349 acres. "Planning and constructing public service facilities including the new area of Xishan park is to optimize the layout, function and taste of the city."

According to the scheme, the total area of the transformation project is 150 acres (including Yingpanzui area), almost one third of the original park's area. It's reported that the original park is the ecological landscape with historical and cultural heritage. It features the Three Kingdoms culture, mainly providing tourists with go sightseeing of history, culture and scenic spots. The scheme designs the new area of Xishan park as a comprehensive urban culture park integrating culture, leisure, entertainment, physical exercise and showing. It plans to build unique vegetational landscape of Xishan park, with "Xishan red wintersweet" as its main feature.

As for the function of the park, the new area of Xishan park will build 13 theme activity areas including the Red wintersweet square, Moyashi spring, Gentle breeze pavilion, Happiness grove of wintersweet, Bicaoliantian, Huagufangyou, Luoyimeilin, Paradise for children, Plank road of red wintersweet, Wanyou pavilion, Yiyu pavilion, Red wintersweet place. It will provide residents with beautiful flowers, landscapes and places.

The scheme implements the conception of "sponge city", its paving using permeable materials to the largest extent and it also strengthens the rainwater collection for recycling. In terms of vegetation, the planning increases plant varieties and stories while properly preserving secondary forest. It mainly features with "Xishan red wintersweet", as well as the combination of deciduous and evergreen plants, so as to provide different seasonal landscape and viewing feel for residents. The planning chooses a variety of plants with different colors as well as different flowering plants, in order to enrich the park's landscape.

In addition, the scheme has also carried out a scientific analysis of the traffic organization in Xishan park. In terms of internal transport, the driveway is the existing main loop system which allows the green transportation such as the sightseeing electric cars and bicycles. It is also used as the fire channel. The walkway connects each attraction and the roads of original park, forming a unified whole.