Six Billion RMB Invested This Year to Promote the All-for-one Tourism Development

Speed up the construction of major projects and make a big push to implement the innovative tourism marketing mode of ¡°Tourism Plus¡±


In recent years, Youxian district is sparing no effort to develop its all-for-one tourism under the overall thinking of ¡°giving priority to ecology, gaining power from culture, and following science and technology¡± so as to create holiday resorts for leisure travel. Berlin town in the district plants roses as the local actual conditions allow to create a down-to-earth rural tourism brand. Lately, thousand mu of roses in the town are all in full blossom, attracting a great many citizens to admire the beauty of flowers and hang out here. (reporter Liang Yan photographer Pu Tao)

News (reporter Zheng Yue) At present, as a hot development concept and an important strategic deployment, ¡°all-for-one tourism¡± is deeply influencing the tourism development as well as continually pushing forward the transformation development of regional economy. Recently, the ¡°Program Year¡± Work Approach of Mianyang 2017 issued by the municipal government has conveyed a strong signal to further strengthen the construction of tourism infrastructure and to fully boost the development of all-for-one tourism.

How will Mianyang further strengthen its tourism infrastructure construction this year? According to the Approach, we will promote the integrated development between tourism and the primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors of the economy respectively, support the establishment of tourism development zone and program fund in qualified counties, towns and districts, propel the infrastructure construction in scenic spots, and improve the infrastructure and public service facilities of rural tourism. We will work hard to launch 10 new tourism projects, continue the construction of 24 tourism projects, and complete 15 projects. We will ensure 6 billion yuan of tourism investment this year in order to promote the rapid formation of distributing centers and destinations of regional tourism across the city.

How to practice the Approach? And how to speed up the building of the great vision of all-for-one tourism? Mianyang will fully improve the accessibility, attractiveness, power of consumption, head-turning rate of tourism and gradually drive the transform of tourism development mode from ¡°scenic spot tourism¡± to ¡°all-for-one tourism¡± through working hard on such important work as project construction, product development, marketing innovation, service improvement and industry integration.

In order to develop all-for-one tourism, we should reply on the plan and construction of major projects, constantly strengthen our foundation and make great efforts to offset our weakness. Therefore, Mianyang will pay close attention to the implementation of projects and actively promote the construction of 25 major tourism projects and 16 integrated projects with new operational types this year. It will also accelerate the construction of agriculture-tourism integration projects, including the agricultural park construction project in Xinan, Jiangyou, the Mianyang¡¯s theme park construction project on inheriting Huaxia¡¯s history and civilization, culture-tourism integration projects, such as the construction project of 126 Cultural and Creative Park, eco-tourism exploitation project of  Mountain National Forest Park in Yanting county, forest-tourism integration projects, like Baima eco-culture tourist area in Wanglang, Pingwu. We will try our best to realize a total tourism investment volume of 6 billion yuan this year. Meanwhile, Mianyang will continually promote its toilet revolution in tourist areas and is planning to finish the building and rebuilding of 50 toilets in tourist areas this year, further improving the soft and hard conditions as well as reputation of Mianyang¡¯s tourism.

In addition, Mianyang will looking for a breakthrough in promoting industry integration to develop all-for-one tourism. Mianyang will vigorously carry out the special action plan of ¡°Tourism Plus Industry¡± on the basis of fully protecting and making use of its good ecological background and profound historical and cultural resources. Mianyang will make great efforts to develop such industries as health preservation and pension, sports and leisure, and cultural experience, and actively develop personalized and participative tourism products, including trips in countryside, intangible cultural heritage experience, health preservation, green fitness, and journey of learning and research, through driving the big integration between tourism and science and technology, culture, agriculture, forestry and industry. We will make efforts to transfer the advantages of ecological environment into tourism advantages, and promote the constant improvement of tourism industrial chain in Mianyang and the continual manifestation of the added value of tourism.

In terms of raising the popularity of ¡°Mianyang¡¯s tourism¡±, we will concentrate our efforts on innovative marketing thinking and approaches of tourism propaganda and take full advantage of such network platforms as mobile APP, WeChat, and microblog, to recommend excellent tour routes, distinctive tourist products, and theme festival activities for free in a bid to expand propaganda scope and effect. At the same time, Mianyang will strengthen its exchanges and cooperation with cities along Chengdu, Mianyang, Leshan intercity high-speed railway line, Chengdu-Chongqi economic zone, great Jiuzhai tourist area, and areas covering Sichuan, Shanxi, Gansu and Chongqin. We will promote the development and marketing of tourism products integration via developing tourism cooperation, such as route integration, marketing, image publicity, product display, and cultural exchanges for the purpose of realizing our development goals of sharing tourism resources, information connectivity, and win-win results for markets and facilitating the further improvement of the popularity and reputation of Mianyang¡¯s tourism.