Yuan Fang Visits Shanghai Electric Group for Inspection and Talks with Zheng Jianhua, Chairman of the Group

To conduct pragmatic cooperation at a deeper level in more fields

SHANGHAI -- (Reporter Liu Xin) On September 17, Yuan Fang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and acting mayor, went to the Shanghai Electric Group for inspection and talked with Zheng Jianhua, Chairman of the Group, on how to promote the pragmatic cooperation between the two sides.

During the talks, Yuan Fang said that Shanghai Electric Group is committed to providing green, environmentally friendly, intelligent and interconnected technology integration and system solutions. It is one of the largest equipment manufacturing enterprises and groups in China. As the one and only China Science and Technology City, Mianyang¡¯s military-civil integration features are distinctive: the strength of national defense science and technology industry is strong; the strategic and scientific strength is concentrated; the characteristics of advanced manufacturing are obvious; the development potential is huge, and the prospects are exceedingly bright. Therefore, there is broad cooperative space for both sides.

Yuan Fang said that at present, we are studying and implementing the important spirit implicit in the instructions by General Secretary Xi Jinping on building Mianyang into China Science and Technology City, vigorously implementing the innovation-driven and military-civil integration development strategy, accelerating the development of six major key industries represented by high-end equipment manufacturing, andpromoting the extraordinary development of China Science and Technology City. It is hoped that Shanghai Electric Group will take the city as a strategic fulcrum for the development of the western region on the basis of the existing good cooperation, give full play to the technological advantages of the enterprise, deepen cooperation in high-end equipment manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection, and jointly build a superior industry cluster with strong core competitiveness. We will continue to provide high-quality services and create a good environment for Shanghai Electric Group¡¯s development in Mianyang, and strive to achieve win-win development.

Zheng Jianhua said that through the exchanges and communication between the two sides, he deeply felt the sincere and pragmatic cooperation attitude of the municipal party committee and the municipal government of Mianyang, and also learned more about the high-quality and efficient administrative services and good investment environment provided by Mianyang. The cooperation between the two sides is more solid and the willingness to cooperate is stronger. Therefore, Shanghai Electric Group has been more confident and determined todevelop and invest in Mianyang. Starting from the existing cooperation projects, we will further take Mianyang as a key city for strategic layout, strive to find a point in line with the industrial development of Mianyang, carry out pragmatic cooperation in more fields and at deeper levels, share the opportunities throughout the development of China Science and Technology City, and create a better future.

After the talks, the two sides also exchange views on specific cooperation issues and reached broad consensus on the content, methods and mechanisms of cooperation.

Dong Jianhua and Zhang Ke, vice presidents of Shanghai Electric Group, and Tan Gang, secretary general of the municipal government, attended relevant activities.