Mianyang SME Financing Service Network Officially Launched at the End of September

Improving the financing efficiency of SMEs

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Li Chunmei) On September 18, the reporter learned from relevant parties that the Mianyang SME Financing Service Network (referred to as ¡°Mianhui Rongtong¡±) will be officially launched at the end of September.

In order to implement the decisions and arrangements regarding national integration of industry and finance, the integration of science and technology and finance, credit system construction, and micro-enterprise financial services, the municipal government will take the lead and organize the Municipal Economic and Information Committee, Mianyang Central Branch of the People¡¯s Bank of China, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and other departments to create an SME financing service network in Mianyang. The service network will be officially launched at the end of September and will be open to enterprises, financial institutions and government departments. ¡°Mianhui Rongtong¡± will realize the normalization of financing matchmaking and deepen the interaction between banking, government and enterprises. It is also an important measure for improving the financial services of small and medium-sized enterprises.

As the first city to use the big data system ¡°Tianfu Rongtong¡± to finance the matchmaking of monitoring sectors, Mianyang has released the information on the financing of various key projects and advantageous enterprises. The information also includes the list of SMEs in Mianyang and the list of military-civil enterprises. In addition to continuing to make good use of the monetary and credit big data system, the next step will be to promote the use of the system, reduce the screening cost and transaction cost, and spend more time and energy on serving the development of small and micro enterprises.

As a useful supplement to Sichuan¡¯s monetary credit big data, ¡°Mianhui Rongtong¡± is committed to small and medium-sized enterprises¡¯ financing services. The main functions include using big data technology to collect information from enterprises, banks, government departments, to achieve information sharing and co-maintenance, and to solve the problem of information asymmetry between banks and enterprises. It also provides online financing matchmaking services, timely reflects and responds to corporate financing needs, shortens the matchmaking radius of banks and enterprises and improves financing efficiency.