Symposium on BOE Mianyang Project Promotion Held

Liu Chao, Chen Yanshun attended and delivered speeches

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Li Zhihao) On September 17, the Symposium on BOE Mianyang Project Promotion was held. Liu Chao, secretary of the municipal party committee, and Chen Yanshun, CEO of BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. attended the symposium and delivered speeches.

Liu Chao said in his speech that since the establishment of the BOE Mianyang project, Mianyang has taken the project as the ¡°No. 1 project¡± of Mianyang, and established the awareness that to provide better services for the BOE Mianyang project is to better fuel the future development of Mianyang. In addition, Mianyang has also opened the ¡°green channel¡± for project services so that specific matters can be solved in a specific way and emergent issues can be solved urgently. It has made every effort to solve the difficult problems in the project construction process and provided high-quality and efficient services. With the joint efforts of both parties, the project is progressing smoothly according to the time nodes, laying a solid foundation for the prospect that the project will be completed, be put into production and be efficient as expected earlier.

Liu Chao said that at present, Mianyang¡¯s development has stood at a new historical starting point and is at a critical juncture of transformative development, innovative development and leapfrog development. The Party Central Committee, the State Council, and the provincial government have paid unprecedented attention and support to the development of Mianyang and the construction of China Science and Technology City (Mianyang). The Fifth Plenary Session of the 7th Municipal Party Committee of Mianyang determined the goal of accelerating building Mianyang into China Science and Technology City (Mianyang) and a modern strong city in the West of China. It has clearly prioritized developing advanced manufacturing, and focused on the six major industries such as electronic information, and endeavored to build a modern industrial system with Mianyang characteristics. Mianyang¡¯s industrial base and development strategy are highly compatible with the transformation direction and values of BOE Technology Group. It is highly possible that the two parties will cooperate with each other and they await broad prospects in the future. It is sincerely hoped that BOE Group will continue to be confident and determined to establish itself in Mianyang, carefully organize and scientifically dispatch, further accelerate the project construction progress, and promote the completion of the BOE Mianyang project as soon as possible. It is sincerely hoped that the two sides will further strengthen communication and matchmaking on the basis of existing good cooperation, and expand cooperation areas continuously, upgrade cooperation levels, and promote cooperation between the two sides to achieve more fruitful results. We will continue to provide quality services in project promotion and element guarantees, and we will do our utmost to support the development of BOE Technology Group in Mianyang.

Chen Yanshun expressed his gratitude to the Mianyang municipal party committee and the municipal government for their strong support in the construction of the Mianyang project. He said that BOE Group will further strengthen communication and exchanges with Mianyang, carry out pragmatic cooperation, strive to achieve mutual benefit and common development, and contribute to building Mianyang into China Science and Technology City and a modern strong city in the West of China.

Yang Xuening, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and vice mayor, Luo Zongzhi, deputy mayor, Xia Ming, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone, Dong Hong, director of the Management Committee, Zou Ruoli, secretary of the municipal party committee, Yang Anle, senior vice president of BOE Technology Group and chief investment officer, attended the symposium.