Mianyang¡¯s E-Commerce Transaction Amounts to 138.5 Billion Yuan from January to June

Mianyang ranked second in Sichuan province with an increase of 17.56%

(Reporter Xie Yan) The reporter recently learned from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce that Mianyang¡¯s e-commerce transactions amounted to 138.592 billion yuan from January to June this year, an increase of 17.56% from the previous year, which ranked second in the province. The online retail sales reached 6.369 billion yuan, an increase of 41.29% from the previous year.

With guidance and support from policies and the development of e-commerce industry, Mianyang achieved the above-mentioned achievements. Mianyang drafted The Main Tasks for Mianyang¡¯s E-Commerce Development for 2018 based on reality and the main tasks for e-commerce development at the provincial level. Mianyang also drafted The Action Plan for Mianyang¡¯s E-Commerce Industry in 2018 based on the 13th Five-Year Plan for Mianyang¡¯s E-Commerce Development and Mianyang¡¯s Key Industry of Modern Service Industry and Layout Plan, and clarified objectives and tasks for different departments to provide guidance for the sound development of Mianyang¡¯s e-commerce industry.

Secondly, Mianyang will establish an industrial development ecosystem to facilitate the development of the e-commerce industry. Mianyang will make good use of provincial e-commerce demonstration bases such as the e-commerce base in the science and incubator park, the 100 billion e-commerce enterprises industrial cluster in Fucheng District, and Mianyang E-commerce Valley in China Science and Technology City (Mianyang) in Youxian District, to promote the upgrading of the industry cluster. Mianyang will also focus on gathering high-growth enterprises by giving full play to incubation, cultivation and expansion, and develop cooperation in the e-commerce development zone to build up influential e-commerce industrial parks. By taking this opportunity, Mianyang will develop cross-border cooperation and development to transform the platform to integrate the industrial chain and supply chain, and establish cloud-service system. Mianyang will focus on supporting high-growth enterprises that have comprehensive strengths and advantages within the industry, foster the development of the enterprises that are professional, specialized and innovative, and help cultivate enterprises with strong innovation and growth potentials. The science and innovation zone successfully has successfully attracted Casmart (Southwest) to establish an operation center. It aims to build an information-sharing platform, a demonstration platform for military-civil integration e-commerce, an integrated management platform for military R & D and a service platform for Casmart Shopping Mall.

In addition, Mianyang will focus on integration and development and invigorate the e-commerce development. Mianyang will deepen the integration of e-commerce and the first, second and tertiary industry to help the large commercial and trading enterprises, industrial enterprises and agricultural enterprises of Mianyang to establish platforms or use third-party platforms to develop e-commerce. Mianyang government will also helps enterprises that are engaged in production and sale of agricultural products, farmer cooperative organizations and large family farms to sell agricultural products online. Their online sales have reached about 10 million so far. Mianyang will optimize the rural e-commerce ecosystem, continue to promote the demonstration counties that have introduced state-level e-commerce companies to rural areas, demonstration project of provincial e-commerce poverty alleviation at the town, so as to transform and upgrade the e-commerce industry to promote sales online and offline for rural areas. Through the activity of selling jujubes to different cities around the country, Mianyang starts the journey of selling Zhanshan jujubes online again. With ¡°2+N¡± e-commerce platform, Mianyang has made Zhanshan jujubes a famous brand and has achieved sales of over 50 million yuan online and offline, with an increase of 30% in the unit price. Mianyang has also promoted the integration of e-commerce with agricultural tourism and culture, local special products, and fostered country tourism and folklore to help the economy in the rural areas to develop.

An official from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that Mianyang has nine e-commerce operation centers in the counties and 1,616 e-commerce shops in the villages. The number of e-commerce shops reached 4,580 and sales of agricultural products online amounted to 8,500 million. At the same time, Mianyang has also actively made efforts to establish the national and provincial e-commerce demonstration bases, demonstration enterprises, and demonstration projects of introducing e-commerce to rural counties. Mianyang has helped all counties and industrial parks to apply for the provincial e-commerce demonstration project. Three e-commerce industrial parks and bases in Fucheng, Youxian and Science and Incubation Park have been successful selected to be the provincial demonstration base after screening and research. E-commerce has played a leading role in developing new industry, finding new demand and expanding new market and providing new drivers for economic development by the integration of e-commerce and the real economy.