Media from National, Provincial And Municipal Levels Visit Zitong County to Feel Eco-agriculture And Witness Development And Rejuvenation

(Reporter: Ren Luxuan) Zitong County is famous for its clean water, green mountains and thousands of miles of fertile fields. Its rural economy is now making steady progress. On May 28, media reporters from the national, provincial and municipal levels visited the Huasha Eco-tourism Resort of Shiniu Town, Zitong County, the ¡°1 plus 5¡± Ecologically Recycling Industrial Park of Langan Village, Xuzhou Town, the Economic Development Zone Biological Medicine Industrial Park of Zitong County, the Sichuan Culture and Art College of Zitong County, ¡°the city of two bombs¡± and other places. They came to these places to feel the good scenery of Zitong Country and to witness the development and rejuvenation of the rural economy.

In the morning of May 27, the reporters came to the Huasha Eco-tourism Resort of Shiniu Town, Zitong County. The garden of pink peaches and the amusement parks come into view. In the distance, tourists were enjoying the view of the pink lotuses in the ponds and the stretching fertile fields. With the gentle breeze caressing the faces and the greenness coming into eyes, the reporters got close to the animals from abroad to understand their stories. In the clean quarters, the ostriches chinned up, looking curiously at the reporters holding cameras; the turkeys looked vigilant by putting up their feathers on the tail. On the grass, three alpacas were walking at leisure...

¡°The resort has owned a large industrial scale and numerous amusement facilities. It will further integrate more cultural elements and cooperate with travel agencies in Chengdu, Mianyang and other places by hosting cultural tourism activities to attract more tourists. In 2017, it received more than 300,000 tourists.¡± Wang Renjun, the secretary of the Huasha Village Party Branch, told the reporters,¡°By integrating rural tourism, eco-industryand modern agriculture, we are bringing more villagers to get involved in the development of the rural economy. Life is getting easier for all.¡±

In the ¡°1 plus 5¡± Ecologically Recycling Industrial Park of Langan Village, Xuzhou Town, the reporters visited the modern pig breeding farm. In the large pig house, feed control, drinking waterand defecation have all become automatic. ¡°The workers of this farm are relatively not so busy. They will only come to coordinate when pigs fight.¡± Wu Fei, the deputy mayor of the town, jokingly told the reporters.

In accordance with the ideal of "living a prosperous life by planting more grapefruits and breeding more pigs¡±, the ¡°1 plus 5¡¯ Ecologically Recycling Industrial Park organized 108 poor households, established a professional breeding cooperative at Langan Town, Zitong County, and built 3 ¡°Charoen Pokphand Group 1100¡± standardized surrogate farms. By earning the surrogate fees, the industrial park has initiated a path of reducing poverty through industrial development and ensured that the 108 poor households could all eliminate poverty and live a prosperous life.

Afterwards, the reporter came to the construction site of the Sichuan Culture and Art College at Zitong County. They saw that the building area of nearly 200,000 square meters has replaced the former 1,000 mus of castor beach as myriads of buildings mushroomed. ¡°The new campus takes the general notion of ¡®integrating industry and education to achieve the transformation and development of applied art universities¡±, lays out two major functions of teaching & training as well as student employment & entrepreneurship. It aims to create a business management model of being a distinctive ¡°Art and Culture Town¡± which integrates education and business, education and tourism, education and employment and entrepreneurship. Zhao Jun, the deputy director of the school¡¯s office in charge of comprehensive affairs, told reporters that the new campus aimed to create a national art education and training demonstration base featuring art education and cultural creativity by focusing on reading, music, movies, street art, animation and other key artistic symbols. It consists of the Wenchang Studying Palace of the town, the Venice stylistic water street, the center for college students¡¯ employment and entrepreneurship, the Wenchang dancing festival, the Guinness music plaza, the artist tribe, the art theater, the art cinema and other units and structures.