Deeply Plowing the National"Testing Field" to Ignite the "Main Engine" for Innovation And Development

¡ªMianyang has been vigorously promoting the experiment of comprehensive innovation and reform

¡õThe reporter: Yuan Yuan

In April this year, the people¡¯s government of the Sichuan province issued a notice to promote the second batch ofexperience of the experiment of comprehensive innovation and reform in the province. Of the 21 pieces of experience, 7 were directly contributed by Mianyang, and 5 were related to Mianyang. Among them, the innovation experiencein military-civil integrationwas all contributed by Mianyang, ranking first in the province.

These outstanding achievements reflect Mianyang¡¯s efforts to grasp the historical opportunity of integrating into the national system to advance the trials of comprehensive innovation and reform. Mianyang has given full play to its advantages and potentials, thus releasing the potential and vitality of innovation and development. Bearing the ¡°national mission¡±, Mianyang has focused on innovation-driven development as well as military-civilintegration and bent over to break the ice in key areas and key links so as to promote innovation and creation. So far it has forged a batch of ¡°Mianyang experience¡± which can be replicated and promoted in the country and the province.

Give full play to the role of science and technology and enhance innovation capability

Mianyang boasts 18 state-level scientific research institutes, which include China Academy of Engineering Physics, China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center, and China Aviation Gas Turbine Research Institute, 14 institutions of higher learning such as Southwest University of Science and Technology, 27 academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, and 232,000 talents with various professional and technical skills... The rich resources in education and military manufacturing technologies have provided Mianyang with a solid foundation for practicing the ¡°national mission¡±.

How to extract and refine the treasure of the enriched resources in military manufacturing technologies and how to apply them into the civilian field through innovation and transformation are the two questions that must be answered to complete the tough exam of taking the ¡°National Mission¡±.Taking The Plan for Mianyang to Systematically Carry out the Trials of Comprehensive Innovation And Reform as the ¡°operational map¡±and to achieve innovation-driven development, Mianyang has accelerated the industrial colony of military-civil integration, pooled high-end military-civil integrationtalents, improved the services for military-civil integration, and constantly inspiredthe vitality for innovating science and technology.

The 33 wind tunnels designed by China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center were all completed, becoming the largest colony of wind tunnels in Asia; the Shenguang III host device designed by China Academy of Engineering Physics was also completed... With great efforts, numerous major national science and technology projects have landed in the province; 21 state-level R&D platforms, such as the State Key Laboratory of Environmentally-friendly Energy Materials based in Southwest Science and Technology University, and the National Research Center for Air Traffic Monitoring and Communications System Engineering Technology, were established in Mianyang.The first Beidou Laboratory in the southwest, which is open to the public, was also successfully established in Mianyang. The number of applied patents exceeded 10,000 and the number of authorized patents was nearly 5,000, both ranking second in the province.The comprehensive index for innovation reached 79.1, ranking third among the western cities.All of these measures proved that Mianyang¡¯s capability in innovation and research and development have continuously enhanced. With the trial of comprehensive innovation and reform gradually entering the ¡°deep water area¡±, Mianyang¡¯s potentials for technological innovation have been fully released.

Optimize the service environment and release the vitality of reform

In the past few days, the fourth competition of entrepreneurial stars has been in full swing in Mianyang. Through holding exchange and guidance activities for college students at innovation and entrepreneurship parks, the Forum on the Role of Military-civil Integration in Improving High And New Technologies, the ¡°entrepreneurial fair¡± activity, the innovation and entrepreneurship knowledge contest, to name but a few, Mianyang has further created a high-quality environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, thus enhancing the vitality of the whole society to innovate and to start up new businesses.

The interactive development of innovation and entrepreneurship is conducive to innovation-driven development and accelerates economic transformation and upgrading. To that end, Mianyang has continued optimizing the innovation and entrepreneurial market environment, enhancing the comprehensive service capabilities of innovation and entrepreneurship, and establishing a full-chain ¡°start-up nursery plus incubator plus accelerator¡±incubation platform. It also boasts 58 technology business incubators with an area of 1.1 million square meters and more than 3,500 companies.

Mianyang has also focused on improving its financial service capabilities, creating financial support for military-civil integration reform demonstration zones. In addition, it has launched pilot projects for national industrial integration and cooperation by establishingChina¡¯s first military-civil integration technology branch, insurance branch company, and guarantee company, and by launching more than 60 kinds of exclusive financial products such as the ¡°military procurement loans¡±. The balance of military-civil integration loans has exceeded 20 billion yuan, providing more than 100 billion yuan for risk protection.

In addition, a number of innovation service platforms, including China¡¯s only national military-civil dual-use technology trading center and China¡¯s first large military-civil integration scientific instrument sharing platform, have been built in Mianyang. The trading center has achieved 748 military-civil integration projects in total, with the turnover of technology contracts reaching 1.92 billion yuan. The large-scale instrument sharing platform has integrated 3,378 sets of instruments and equipment worth more than 3.6 billion yuan andserved more than 1,000 companies for 3,375 times. It has been identified as a major innovation by the Central Military-Civil Integration Development Committee and was promoted nationwide.

Inspire kinetic energy of entitiesand speed up development

The key to promoting the scientific development of Mianyang and accelerating development is to rely on science and technology andthe solution to it is to innovate. Only by holding the ¡°nose¡± of technological innovation and taking the ¡°first move¡± of scientific and technological innovation, can Mianyang be able to take the initiative and gain an advantage in development.

Focusing on the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and the development of high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries, Mianyang started out by fostering and supporting innovative entities, developing a number of innovative companies and forming a number of advantageous industrial colonies to further enhance independent innovation capabilities.Mianyang has also strengthened the innovative entities, improved the service system and contributed to the rapid development of large and small enterprises by implementingthe multiplying projects of high-tech enterprises. quality and efficiency improving projects of technological SMEs. At present, Mianyang has 239high-tech enterprises in total, with the total output value of the high-tech industry reaching 170.137 billion yuan in 2017 and the high-tech industrialization index reaching 79.8%. In addition, the certification of technology-based SMEs has also progressed steadily since 2013. Technology-based SMEs have been growing at an average annual rate of more than 2,000. Now 10,000 technology-based SMEs have been certified and 229 have been upgraded and enrolled into statistics.

Mianyang has also strengthened the support for the military-civil integration industry and bent over to build a ¡°1 plus 6 plus 10¡± military-civilintegration high-tech industry development system. In 2016, it also took the lead in carrying out military-civil integration enterprise certification in China, drawing standards for military-civil integration enterprises. At present, Mianyang has identified 321 military-civil integration enterprises (70 units with military manufacturing qualification) and granted them targeted support policies. Last year, the output value of Mianyang¡¯s military-civil integration enterprises reached 153 billion yuan, accounting for more than 50% of the total industrial output value.

Deep-rooted in science and technology, Minayang has been focusing on innovation and creativity. Mianyang is seizing the general trend and fulfilling its mission, firmly advancing transformation-driven development, innovation-driven development, and leapfrogging development.It strives to help the nation implement the strategies of innovation-driven development and military-civil integration development, and to make new achievements in the trials of comprehensive innovation and reform!