The Design of "Mianyang-Made" Tunnel Reflective Tiles Unveiled at the International Bridge and Tunnel Conference

(Mianyang News) (Reporter: Du Chang) Recently, the 7th International Bridge and Tunnel Technology Conference was held in Shanghai. Nearly 800 domestic and overseas experts and scholars specializing in the designing and construction, materials and equipment of bridges and tunnels attended the meeting. Jiebang Technology Co., Ltd. of Mianyang was invited to participate in the exhibition, demonstrating the technological achievement of ¡°Mianyang Made¡± tunnel reflective tiles.

The theme of the conference is Coordinated Development of Roads, Bridges And Tunnels, And Building A Modern Integrated Transportation System. Han Yuping, technical director of Jiebang Technology Co., Ltd., presented the paper titled Research on and Development of a New Safe, Energy-saving and Brightening Composite Material Used for Underground Environment Engineering¡ªApplication And Practice of Tunnel Reflective Tiles in Tunnel Construction Engineering to the conference, and made a thematic report on The Thematic Forum on Tunnel And Underground Engineering And Equipment. It is reported that the design of ¡°Mianyang-made¡± tunnel reflective tiles has obtained a number of national patents, and won the 2016 Red Dot Award in Germany and the Sun Fairy Bird Cup ¡ª the Gold Award of Tianfu Baodao Industrial Design Competition in 2017, and was applied in the tunnel reconstruction project of Qinling Tunnels along the G5 National Road Beijing-Kunming Line. The technological achievement will present the visual effects as if the tunnels were exposed to daylight. It can effectively reduce tunnel traffic accidents, casualties, economic and property losses.

During the conference, the achievement was praised by design agencies and tunnel construction companies from Dalian, Tianjin, Shanghai and other places, and it is expected to be used in tunnel construction projects in these cities.