"The Belt and Road" Cross-border E-commerce Training Is Held in Mianyang

Expand international trade

Recently, the 2018 ˇ°The Belt and Roadˇ± cross-border e-commence training and Sichuan products promotion was held in Mianyang. Officials from the business departments at the municipal and county level, foreign trade enterprises and e-commerce enterprises participated in the event.

At the training, Gu Hengqi, a senior lecturer from Alibaba, Xiong Fan, chairman of Sichuan Zhongji Trading Co., Ltd. and the director of the ASEAN foreign trade export platform, and other experts delivered lectures. The training covers the policies and current status of countries along the Belt and Road and member of the ASEAN, opportunities in the export of cross-border e-commerce, interpretation of new policies, and solutions to e-commerce and Sichuan product promotion platforms. Mianyang hopes to improve the abilities of the foreign trading companies and e-commerce enterprises of embracing new opportunities, and help the traditional foreign trade enterprises, manufacturing enterprises transform to cross-border e-commerce enterprises. It also aims to help the enterprises to get familiar with the process of exporting goods and prepare for the further development of foreign trade.

An official from the municipal bureau of commerce said that the training aims to seize the new opportunities from the ˇ°Belt and Road Initiativeˇ±, promote the sustainable development of cross-border e-commerce. It will also help the companies to understand the new policies, regulations and trends in the industrial transformation and national cross-border industry, and the demand in the countries along the Belt and Road, to promote the standardized operation of business to improve the competencies of e-commerce business.