Interpretation on the Implementation Plan of Promoting "Internet Plus Administrative Services" in Mianyang

More convenience with cost-cutting and time-saving services for the public

"It is our first priority to actively promote the Internet Plus administrative services", said an official from the municipal administration of administrative services. In order to establish the Internet Plus administrative service system, Mianyang published the Implementation Plan of Promoting the Inernet Plus Administrative Service (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan"). According to the Plan, Mianyang will actively establish the Internet Plus administrative service system, with all functions such as administrative approval, public services, information disclosure, supervision, communication and interaction. The system will cover all administrative departments to provide maximum convenience for the public.

As a pilot area to implement the integrated administrative service platform approved by the provincial government, Mianyang will follow the fundamental principle of providing more convenience with cost-cutting and time-saving services for the public to build a service-oriented government. The Plan clearly states that Mianyang should make good use of the integrated administrative service platform at the provincial level to establish an integrated administrative service management platform, an administrative service processing platform, an administrative service support platform and a system for information-sharing, security and maintenance. Mianyang should adopt a new service model with integral management of business organizational code, a set of standard service, a service center dealing with different services, one application number, one window for comprehensive services, one network for all the processes, one database for information-sharing, one platform for all the approvals, one stamp for all documents and on monitoring platform. Mianyang will make efforts to build a service-oriented government and make the administrative service standard, precise, and more convenient for the public. By the end of 2019, Mianyang's "Internet Plus administrative services" system will be connected to the national and provincial administrative service platforms. Administrative services such as public services, and other government services will all be processed online.

In order to achieve this goal, according to the Plan, Mianyang will take a goal-oriented approach to sort out administrative services at the municipal, county, and town (sub-district) level, and prepares a checklist for application and process online and checklist for administrative services in the service center to list all the services and implementation body to ensure the unified management of the same service and application code. The service center will standardize the documents needed for the application, prepare the procedures guideline, streamline the application documents, set forth the approval standards to standardize the process and streamline the procedures. 6,264 administrative services will be centralized and processed on the online administrative service platform. Mianyang will integrate the identity authentication system at the provincial level and establish an identity authentication system that uses the resident's ID card, and social credit code registration certificate as the only identification. The system will be connected to the service center and online service platform, service App on the mobile phones, self-help terminals to help the public and enterprise to apply for any documents through all these platforms. Making use of the website of administrative service in Sichuan, Mianyang will establish an online service platform to present and publish administrative service information, accept application for administrative services and handle all the administrative services online on one network.

In addition, the Plan also proposes continuously optimizing and improving the functions of the administrative service center, accelerating the construction of a new center for municipal administrative services and promoting the integration of online and offline platforms. It also proposes making innovation in smart service, strengthening the exchange of data resources and promoting the application of big data for administrative services. The Plan called for strengthening the syber and information security to provide support for the construction of the "Internet Plus administrative service" system, to greatly improve the smart administrative services and achieve deep integration of the Internet and administrative services, to make the administrative service more smart and transparent so as to provide more convenience for the public and the enterprises.