Huike and Other Projects Settle Down in Mianyang Why There Are So Much Good News About the Investment Promotion?

In January-April 2018, Mianyang has many successful investment reports. It has signed four key large-scale industrial projects: a production line project for 8.6-generation thin-film transistor liquid crystal display devices with a total investment of 24 billion yuan; a new energy automobile project with a total investment of 20.2 billion yuan; a solid-state shared battery with a total investment of 16.6 billion yuan; a Sichuan North Logistics City project with a total investment of 9 billion yuan. In addition, it also successfully signed 20 key projects with a total investment of 69.415 billion yuan in the investment promotion meeting of Centralized Development Zone. Why does the investment promotion of Mianyang City go so smoothly and attract so many investments? Today, we are here to find out the reasons.

Huike project: Leader for Mianyang Panel Industry Development

On April 18, Mianyang municipal government and Huike Co., Ltd. signed a project cooperation agreement in Chengdu, marking that its 8.6-generation thin-film transistor liquid crystal display device production line project officially settling in Mianyang. The total investment of this project is 24 billion yuan, and it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 15 billion yuan after reaching production, and an annual tax revenue of more than 1 billion yuan.

¡°The negotiation of Huike project lasted for one year and seven months, experiencing 72 rounds of negotiations, and the high-level talks reached seven times. It is a high-tech industrial project. The project's entry into Mianyang has an important supporting role in optimizing Mianyang's industrial structure, achieving high-quality development, and accelerating its construction as a strong economic city in the west.¡± said Deng Hui, deputy secretary-general of the municipal government and director of the Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau. ¡°Not long ago, we introduced the BOE which was a flexible OLED small-size panel; now the Huike is a rigid TFT-LCD large-size panel, which complements BOE. This will promote Mianyang to become a highland for the panel industry."

Accurate and Professional Investment Promotion Increasing investment promotion efficiency

Behind these intense negotiations, we can see that Mianyang has put the investment promotion as the "first strategy" of promoting development. The municipal party committee and government attached great importance to this and made scientific plans. They researched and introduced plans for industries, modern service industry, key industries and their spatial layout. They established the ¡°head-responsible¡± investment promotion system.

¡°In recent years, we have explored and formed a professional investment promotion concept featuring professional parks, teams, research, promotion, management and promotion. The pertinence and effectiveness of investment promotion have thus been significantly enhanced. At the same time, we have a good business environment. The municipal party committee and the municipal government have always insisted on the construction of a service-oriented government and honest government as their important goals and formed a good investment environment. Mianyang has become a gathering place for talented people and a place for investment by merchants. The siphon effect of industrial development is increasingly prominent.¡± Deng Hui said.

By the end of March, 83 newly-signed projects in Mianyang City had been signed, and the contracted amount reached 61.97 billion yuan. The contracted amount had increased by 161.83% year-on-year. The domestic funds from outside the province reached14.673 billion yuan, continuing to be the second largest in the province. We've made a good start on investment promotion.

Green Card Service Accelerate Project Construction

We should not only attract investment but also transform this investment into project construction. While adhering to the promotion of major project signings, Mianyang is also committed to accelerating the construction of projects.

Mianyang Hongyongsheng Molding Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise introduced from Shenzhen, Guangdong Province in 2017 through the campaign of ¡°Famous Chinese and Foreign Enterprises Visiting Sichuan.¡± Over the past few days, workers are stepping up their efforts to make up the remaining 15,000 car seats this month. This order will be supplied to Volvo.

¡°We differ from traditional craftsmanship in that conventional seat covers require foam or third-party materials to bind the skin with the plastic. We now can directly combine the leather with the plastic through molding. At present, we are the only one in China who can produce this product. ¡±said Feng Liang, technical foreman of the secondary processing department of Hongyongsheng Company.

The total investment of this project is 500 million yuan, and it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 1 billion yuan after reaching production. Since officially settling in Anzhou District in October last year, the company has enjoyed a series of precise and high-quality services provided by ¡°Green Card Service¡± for Mianyang's key investment projects.

"Our company has received strong support from the government since coming to develop in Mianyang. The government provided us with free workshops, green card services, preferential housing purchases and convenient education for our children. This support have solved our worries. We feel we have come to the right place.¡± said Tu Guansheng, production manager of Hongyongsheng Molding Co., Ltd.

The green card service is an innovative measure for Mianyang City's service investment promotion. It aims to promote the quick signing and construction of contracted projects. Taking the signing project of the campaign of "Famous Chinese and Foreign Companies Visiting Sichuan in 2017" as an example, Mianyang signed 51 projects with the signing amount of 28.264 billion yuan. Currently, 45 projects have fulfilled the promise and the contract implementation rate is 88.24%. Through the introduction and construction of projects, Mianyang¡¯s funds from outside the province ranked second in the province for two consecutive years.

Attracting High-techs and promoting high-quality economic development

China's economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. In recent years, Mianyang has strongly promoted new breakthroughs in investment promotion and continuously intensified the introduction of high-tech industries and strategic emerging industries. It has promoted the transformation and upgrading of the city's industries with high-quality projects as well as the high-quality development of the city's economy.

¡°Next, the key of investment promotion mainly lies on 'four focuses¡¯. First is to focus on leading industries. We will focus on the eight key industrial industries and eight modern service industries that have been identified by the municipal party committee and municipal government. Second is to focus on key projects and continue to put the principle of "introducing strong enterprises" as our main direction. Third is to focus on industrial clusters. Over the past few years we have introduced so many major projects; we must focus on these major projects and form industrial clusters by attracting supporting projects. Fourth is to focus on key areas. We will support the Centralized Development Zone of Science and Technology City and a number of appropriate industrial parks at regional, county, and city level. We will promote Mianyang to achieve high quality development through the introduction of batches of major projects. We will make our due contributions to speeding up the construction of a strong economic city in the west. Deng Hui (Mianyang Radio and TV reporter: Zhang Wen, Lu Wenlin, Jiang Chenglin)