Special Fund Was Granted to China Sci-Tech City (Miangyang) for the High-Tech Cluster Development of the Military-Civilian Integration

A Fund of RMB 500 Million was Granted from the Central Government

On April 18, the Implementation Plan for the High-Tech Cluster Development of the Military-Civilian Integration in China Science and Technology City (Mianyang), was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China (NDRC) and a fund of RMB 500 million was granted from the central government.

In recent years, the NDRC has provided great support for the project of the military and defense industries transferring technologies to civilian sectors in China Science and Technology City (Mianyang). At present, great results were achieved in the projects that were approved and implemented. Mianyang has explored a new path in improving the industrial innovation and core competencies, as well as promoting the development of the industry cluster and the systems and mechanisms of the military-civilian integration. "The successful implementation of the previous special fund and the central government's special support will help Mianyang coordinate the military-civilian integration like moves in a chess gameĦħ, said an official from Mianyang Municipal Development and Reform Commission. He said that the implementation of high-tech industry cluster of military-civilian integration in China Science and Technology City (Mianyang) will bring more support and confidence for the development of China Science and Technology City (Mianyang).

The Plan proposes that Mianyang should focus on innovation-driven development and military-civilian integration, deepen the reform experiment to promote the development of innovation platform and accelerate the transfer of advanced technologies, based on Mianyang's resources and industrial foundation in the military industry. Mianyang should also encourage innovation in military-civilian integration and establish multi-innovation system to improve innovation ability and core competencies. With a focus on the innovation of the mechanism and system of military-civilian integration, Mianyang should further enhance the resources sharing between military and civilian sectors to fulfill its potential and maximize the comprehensive benefits of national defense and economic construction. With the aim of developing high-tech industry cluster of the military-civilian integration, Mianyang should further develop the military-civilian integration industry and continue to enhance its development and leading position to drive regional economic restructuring and upgrading.

What is the key to implementing the Plan? To make good use of Mianyang's strengths and characteristics and to explore a path for technology transferring from the military sector to the civilian sector and private enterprises joining the military sector. The Plan focused on 12 military-civilian integration high-tech projects in four main areas including electronic information technology, application of nuclear technology, new materials, comprehensive innovation and reform experiment platform, with a total investment of RMB 2.493 billion. Efforts will be made to establish a military-civilian innovation alliance across different disciplines, industries and sectors, with military institutes, enterprises, research institutes, and universities to enhance scientific and technological innovation capabilities and the innovation in military-civilian integration to construct a demonstration base for the reform and development of the national military-civilian integration.

The Plan states that 12 projects will start construction this year, with 20% of investment completed. By the year of 2020, an important communication equipment and application service base will be established, with an output value of over 200 billion in the electronic information industry. The nuclear technology application industrial base will also be established, with an output value of over 20 billion in the nuclear technology application. An important high-tech industrial base for new materials in western China will be established, with an output value of over 50 billion in the new material industry.