Liu Chao Meets with Guests Attending the Investment Promotion Meeting for the Centralized Development Zone of China Sci-Tech City (Miangyang)

To Achieve Mutual Benefit and Development in the Construction of Centralized Development Zone in China Sci-Tech City (Miangyang)

On April 17, Liu Chao, deputy secretary of Mianyang Municipal Party Committee and mayor met with Zhu Jincheng, President of Vertitech in Greater China region, Cong Xuefeng, President of Zhongnan Group, Sun Zhiwen, Manager of the Southwest Regional Management Headquarters of Greenland Group. All of them will attend the investment promotion meeting for China (Mianyang) Science and Technology.

Liu Chao said that Mianyang has followed the guidelines from Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and implemented Xi's speech on constructing Sci-Tech City of Mianyang and further deepening development of military-civilian integration during his visit in Sichuan province. We focused on the supply-side structural reforms and the real economy development to accelerate the construction of the regional economic centers in Sichuan and achieve new progress in the economy development. We have planned to build a centralized development zone for China (Mianyang) Science and Technology with a total area of 281 square kilometers and a construction area of 100 square kilometers, Liu said. We will strive to build up an international and modern city, with great ecology environment and technology to provide opportunities for enterprises that come to invest in Mianyang. Liu sincerely hopes that the honored guests will consider the investment promotion as an opportunity to promote China (Mianyang) Science Technology City, and strengthen effective cooperation in market, capital, and technology, which will help achieve mutual benefits and development. We hope that Vertitech will increase its investments in Mianyang based on our good cooperation and accelerate the construction of Phase 2 network energy production centre. We sincerely invite Zhongnan Group to bring more projects with advanced technologies to Mianyang, and establish cooperation with us in featured towns, industrial parks and other areas. We warmly welcome Greenland Group to choose Mianyang as a strategic center for them to expand business in the western regions. Greenland Group can integrate its advantage in capital and management with Mianyang's incentives plans and markets to achieve more results in cooperation.

Zhu Jincheng, Cong Xuefeng and Sun Zhiwen said that Mianyang has great technology, strong industrial foundation, and superior development environment. Enterprises are very optimistic about their cooperation with Mianyang, and they have a lot of confidence in making investments here. They will give full play to their advantages and actively seek cooperation opportunities. Liu hopes these enterprises will explore more cooperation with Mianyang in a wider range at a deeper level to achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

Yuan Fang and Luo Zongzhi, leaders in the municipal government, Dong Xuan, director of the Administrative Committee of the High-tech Zone and Tan Gang, secretary of the municipal government attended the meeting.