Our City Vigorously Promotes a New Model of Government Service

Carry out the "ten ones" and let the masses "do less work"

(Mianyang News) (reporter, Xie Yan) Before June of this year, with the exception of administrative licenses, more than 30% of government affairs and services can be ¡°one-off¡±. Our reporter learned from the municipal government service management bureau a few days ago.

According to the relevant responsible person of the municipal government service management bureau, this year, our city continues to adhere to the principle of taking the people as the center, fully implementing the decisions and arrangements of the central, provincial and municipal governments. We will vigorously promote a new model of the "ten ones" in government service by taking the deepened reform in ¡°distribution, management and service¡± as the guide and the ¡°Internet plus government service¡± as an important starting point. The new model of "ten ones": one code for unified management, a set of standard services, one centralized management, one application for certification, one window for comprehensive acceptance, one network throughout, one database for data sharing, one platform for approval, one seal for external processing, and one electronic monitoring screen. The purpose of implementing this model is to guarantee that the masses do less work, while their demands are effectively met. In order to achieve the goal of "only one application for government services " for the masses, relevant departments throughout the city has laid a solid foundation for the implementation of the new model of "ten ones" in government service, closely focusing on three innovation mechanisms, deepening the reform, bolstering responsibilities, and detailing measures.

We should vigorously promote the construction of institutional mechanisms and the reform of government services, resolutely implement the major decisions and arrangements for promoting the construction of a service-oriented government and establish a relatively centralized and coordinated promotion mechanism for the reform of administrative license. We should eliminate institutional barriers, reduce institutional transaction costs, deepen ¡°three concentrations, three in place" (¡°Three concentrations, three in place" means that departmental licensing functions are centralized in one department, the approval department is centralized in the government affairs hall, and the examination and approval matters are centralized online; the entry of the items into the hall is in place, the examination and approval window is in place, and the electronic monitoring is in place.). We should urge the window department to further authorize and delegate power to the window. We should fully promote the "one-window entry and exit" reform, implement the service model of "front reception and acceptance, back-office classification, examination and approval, unified feedback, and overall supervision", and promote standardization of service items, standardization of service guides, standardization of acceptance and examinations, and standardization of service procedures, to vigorously ensure that people's needs could be met by only one-time application for government service.

We should vigorously promote the construction of information and promote the "Internet plus government service". integrate government services, public resource transaction services and other resources and data. We should realize integrated online government services at city, county, township (street) and community levels and data exchange between national and provincial platforms. We should improve Mianyang online service hall, handy office hall, and WeChat public account, build a government service mobile APP to promote the organic integration of the entity government halls and mobile services and realize mobile processing of service items in people's livelihood including education, health care, family planning, marriage registration, employment, and housing security, and in business-oriented matters such as business, taxation, quality supervision and other matters. We should accelerate the tendering and bidding for housing, municipal, water conservancy, transportation and other engineering construction projects, promote the electronic process in transferring the state-owned property rights and land mining rights and improve the function of electronic assistant assessment. We should thoroughly implement the electronic procurement in the whole process of government procurement, and fully dock with the province's transaction service platform.

We should vigorously promote the construction of service system, and improve the function of government services. In accordance with the requirements of ¡°perfect functions, advance and progress, prominent themes, convenience for people, smart and efficient¡±, we should accelerate the construction of the new site of the municipal government service center, build a "citizen center" with the characteristics of Mianyang Science and Technology City, and strive to build a smart, intelligent and service-oriented government service center, which is first-class and leading in the west of our country, by building the display window and landmark architecture of our city's service-oriented government as a carrier. As for the service, we should continue to carry out the construction of the government service brand, improve the professionalization of the government service team and strengthen the management of the window of the government service hall. We should improve the supervision and incentive assessment mechanism, build a high-quality government service team and further optimize the environment of the city's government service.