Mianyang Implementation Plan of Aid-the-Poor Special Industrial Project in 2018 Is Issued

(Mianyang News) Our reporter learned that Mianyang Implementation Plan of Aid-the-Poor Special Industrial Project in 2018 was issued recently. According to the Plan, by the end of 2018 the municipal government plans to invest 20 million yuan to support the development of industries in impoverished areas, enhancing its own earning capacity and expanding industrial strength in impoverished areas. This will enhance the sustainable development of industries in poor regions and provide sustained industrial support for the city's precision poverty alleviation.

Responsible persons of Mianyang Commission of Economy and Information Technology introduced that the Plan was formulated based on three aspects: the characteristics of the poverty-stricken region¡¯s own resources, the optimization of the industrial layout and development path and the driving force that the three leading companies play. Through concrete measures including the implementation of the ¡°three poverty-alleviation actions¡±, the promotion of project construction and the intensification of enterprise nurturing, we could enhance the industrial development base in the poor areas of the city, further expand the market and improve the quality. We could accelerate the construction of industrial parks, improve the public service platform and enhance the industries' carrying capacity; At the same time, we would actively promote the industrial gradients transfer across the city and accelerate the cultivation of new economic growth engine.

According to the Plan, in 2018, Mianyang will implement the ¡°three major poverty-alleviation actions¡±, including the poverty alleviation through agricultural products processing, through product market development, and through masters of arts and crafts. As for the poverty-alleviation action through agricultural product processing industry, we actively guide the concentrated development of the industry, focusing on promoting the development of agricultural and sideline products such as grain, oil, and meat products. In terms of the initiatives of product market development, we mainly help enterprises in poor areas to develop their markets through organizing them to participate in national, regional, and comprehensive exhibitions, guiding and supporting them in applying well-known trademarks and brand-name products. As for the last action, we will focus on the use of resource advantages in poverty-stricken areas, focusing on guiding and assisting the masters of arts and crafts to help the poor villages in pairs and driving poverty-stricken areas to increase income.

The Plan has proposed concrete measures to promote the planning of new projects, as well as the implementation of them at the city and county levels. Mianyang Commission of Economy and Information Technology will sort out and co-ordinate all kinds of special funds for industrial development to favor enterprises and projects in poor areas. we will implement ¡°one enterprise, one policy¡± assistance, support enterprises in mergers and reorganizations and employment in impoverished areas, stimulating various types of enterprises to help poor areas with enthusiasm. Meanwhile, we'll introduce relevant policies that encourage enterprises and various types of funds and social capital to invest in industrial development and industrial cooperation in impoverished areas, supporting the construction of financing guarantee systems in impoverished areas, and strengthening financing coordination and project recommendations.

Strengthening the cultivation of enterprises in poor areas is the highlight of the Plan. In 2018, we will continue to implement the Pilotage Plan in depth, strengthening and enlarging the leading enterprises, promoting the implementation the Fountain Plan and plan for upgrading companies to the ones above designated size. We will promote the development and expansion of small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in poor areas. We will support the establishment of incubators for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises and innovation bases. We will encourage qualified large and medium-sized enterprises in the city to help the small and micro enterprises in the poverty-stricken areas in pairs, further enhancing the earning capacity of industries in poor areas.

Promoting the construction of industrial parks in impoverished areas is another key point for poverty alleviation through industry in 2018.This year, the city will focus on improving the comprehensive carrying capacity of industrial parks, supporting the parks to strengthen infrastructure construction in combination with industry positioning, to accelerate the construction of supporting facilities like water, electricity, roads, gas, communications, networks, environmental protection, fire protection, etc. We will utilize the demonstration effect of "Garden-guaranteed loans" to guide the park in innovating financial assistance model.

This year, the city¡¯s poverty alleviation through industry will also concentrate on innovation. It will vigorously promote the construction of public service platforms of industrial parks in impoverished areas, such as innovation and entrepreneurship, industrial collaborative innovation, business incubators, education and training, etc., providing high-quality and professional services for industrial clusters and enterprise (Deng Litian, Wang Qing, all-media reporters from Mianyang Daily)