Mianyang¡¯s Supply and Marketing System Helps Farmers Earn over 3 Billion Yuan in 2017

Mianyang is accelerating the comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives.

(Mianyang News) (reporter: Li Lingyue) ¡°I come here to buy some fertilizer and store up them for later use, because my family has newly contracted several acres of land,¡± said uncle Wang, a farmer of Yanting. He shuttled in the agricultural supply area of a modern agricultural socialized service supermarket in Yulong Town, Yanting County a few days ago. He was busy buying fertilizer and renting agricultural machinery. ¡°This supermarket is awesome! It can not only sell things to us but also help us sell things online,¡± he added.

This is just an epitome of Mianyang, showing that it is deepening its comprehensive reform of the supply and marketing cooperatives in an all-round way and strengthening its primary-level service system. In recent years, Mianyang municipal supply and marketing system has always followed the basic principle of ¡°for the benefit of farmers, farming, and agriculture¡±. It has kept focusing on differentiated guidance as well as reform and innovation, and actively and steadily pushed forward the comprehensive reform work to continuously improve the agricultural service ability. Statistics shows that the municipal supply and marketing system realized a total of 13.75 billion yuan in operating services, and helped farmers earn over 3 billion yuan in 2017.

The important task of comprehensive reform is to strengthen the organizational system and operating service system. The municipal supply and marketing system has spared no efforts to build two organizational carriers, the agricultural social organization service center and the trading market for transfer of rural property rights. This has enabled the rapid construction of primary-level service organizations in rural areas of Mianyang and the completion of Mianyang¡¯s transaction network for transfer of rural property rights. A standardized and orderly trading marketing system for transfer of rural property rights with complete functions has been formed, which applies to both the city and counties and connects the upper and lower levels. Thus, Mianyang has achieved full coverage of primary-level organizations and operating service network stations at four levels of city, county, township, and village.

Under the background of agricultural modernization and large-scale planting, we should find out such service areas that ¡°the marketing is unwilling to do, farmers can¡¯t do, the government concerns and farmers look forward to most¡±. Taking them as entry points, we should speed up the construction of the agricultural social organization service center and the agricultural information consulting service platform, and the agricultural socialized service supermarket. By doing so, we can promote the faster development of modern agriculture, explore and form the ¡°new model of Sixiao service¡±. It includes hosting service that helps small farmers, technical service that gives special favors to farmers, financing service that borrows small money to farmers, and intimate service that handles small matters for farmers.

¡°We have linked the operating entities of the agricultural market together in various forms, such as leading, assistance, and cooperation,¡± said a director from the municipal supply and marketing cooperatives. He introduced that this series of measures have not only promoted the alignment between the production and marketing of agricultural products, but also improved the service ability as well as sustainable development of the supply and marketing cooperatives. Next, in terms of the municipal supply and marketing system, we will run the municipal service center of agricultural social organization well; we will make great efforts to develop various types of industrial associations, industrial alliances, and professional cooperatives and associations by categories and batches in accordance with the principle of ¡°taking similar production and marketing measures for same products and promoting industrial integration; we will organize farmers, especially small farmers, and guide them to embark on cooperative path. Besides, we will actively promote the construction of socialized service supermarkets of modern agriculture; we will promote the ¡°two plus five plus N¡± service mode of modern agricultural socialization through strengthening the cooperation between ¡°agriculture and family¡±; we will explore the development of cross-regional operations of agricultural machinery and carry out such comprehensive supporting services, including aerial seeding and  defense; in result, we can provide farmers with supplementary, leading, shared and comprehensive services.