Industrial Restructuring! The Service industry of Mianyang Has Got the Lead over Other Two Industries

Recently, our reporters learned from the municipal Bureau of Commerce that it has been always keeping the policy of reforms and opening-up to the outside world as the key to the development of commerce. Mianyang has achieved a significantly increased level of opening up to the outside world, with consumption becoming the first driving force of economic growth. The service industry has also got the lead over other two industries, boosting the transformation of Mianyang¡¯s industrial mix.

It is known that in 2017 Mianyang has deepen the reform of the service industry and issued The Key Industries of Mianyang¡¯s Modern Service Industry and the Spatial Layout Plan (2017-2020). The Plan focuses on element support, strongly promoting the breakthrough of the eight key industries, that is, the electronic commerce, science and technology service, logistics, finance, convention and exhibition, tourism, cultural creativity and healthy endowment. At the same time, Mianyang has also optimized spatial layout, enhanced the lead function and the diffusion effect of the service industry in downtown districts. Now it has constructed four development strips of the service industry, that is, Mian¡¯anbei, Mianjiangping, Miansanyan, Mianzi, forming six characteristic zones of the service industry at Jiangyou, Santai, Yanting, Beichuan and Pingwu. Thus, a new pattern of the service industry ¡°driven by a ¡®nuclear¡¯, diffused by four ¡®strips¡¯ and interconnected by six zones¡± has been basically established, which represents the successful sail of building Mianyang into a western city with robust service industry. In 2017, the added value of the service industry in the whole city was 94.43 billion yuan, ranking the second in the province. The growth rate was 10.8%, achieving a record high. The growth rate topped number one in the whole province. The service industry accounted for 45.5% of the GDP, with the contribution to economic growth reaching 50.1%. It has boosted the economy by 4.6%, becoming the ¡°anchor stone¡± for the economic development of the whole city.

While accelerating the development of the service industry, Mianyang has also accelerated the transformation of domestic trade circulation, vigorously developed the ¡°dual-line¡± trade, and promoted the combination of online trading and offline services. It has also strengthened the cultivation of local chain enterprises and vigorously implemented the strategy of ¡°going global¡± with brands and featured businesses, with 188 chain enterprises in the city. It has guided the catering industry to adjust business strategies, transformed operation modes and vigorously developed leisure and public catering so as to meet citizen¡¯s demands for multi-level, individualized and fashionable catering industry. At the same time, it has improved the rural trade circulation system and the rural trade circulation infrastructure, and vigorously boosted new circulation formats. To date, it has established 1,580 E-commerce service outlets at village level and fostered 4,420 E-commerce operating entities. It has established a three-level logistics service system at counties, townships and villages, basically realizing express delivery to towns as well as distribution to villages.

Mianyang has been emphasizing industrial integration, making every endeavor to build ¡°the E-commerce city in western China¡±, keeping promoting mode innovation as the driving force, and making the gripper the cultivation of online-selling brands, local E-commerce platforms and E-commerce agglomeration zones, in a bid to promote the breakthrough of Mianyang¡¯s E-commerce. In 2017, the total volume of E-commerce in the city exceeded 260 billion yuan, ranking the second in the province. At the same time, Mianyang encouraged the deep integration of E-commerce with the first industry, the second industry and the third industry by creating the mode of ¡°Mianyang¡¯s modern service industry plus E-commerce demonstration base¡±. 2,517 companies from the service industry have built their own E-commerce platforms or used third-party platforms to do E-commerce businesses, producing 416,000 online orders.

Mianyang has been also speeding up the pace of ¡°going global¡± by relying on such leading enterprises such as Changhong and Jiuzhou to form the ¡°import and export federation of Mianyang enterprises¡±, which is dedicated to bringing small-medium-sized enterprises to go global. It also actively explored the international market by organizing enterprises to participate in such domestic exhibitions as Canton Fair, China Processing Trade Products Fair and China-Eurasia Expo, to name but a few. To enhance the level of trade facilitation, Mianyang was the first to carry out the reform of streamlining three certificates, that is, the record-filing of entry and exit quarantine enterprises, the record-filing of enterprises of origin and the record-filing of Business Department foreign trade operators, into one. This measure enhanced the record-filing efficiency by more than 50%, reducing the time of making a document from 30 days to 3 days.

(Hu Hongjuan, Xie Yan: all-media reporters from Mianyang Daily)