Mianyang Holds Meeting About Reducing Enterprise Cost of Real Economy

(Mianyang News) On March 5, Mianyang held a meeting about reducing enterprise cost of the real economy. In this meeting, it conveyed and implemented the guiding principles from the province's meeting about reducing enterprise cost of real economy and deployed further arrangements.

The meeting pointed out that in recent years, Mianyang has established a leading group to reduce enterprise cost of the real economy. Taking this reduction as an important starting point for deepening the supply-side structural reform and building a strong manufacturing city in the western region, it sorted out and standardized the charges of profit-making services, studied and drafted Program on Reducing Enterprise Cost of Real Economy in Mianyang. It also published the management measures for the introduction of key investment projects and "service green card" for key enterprises, adopted various measures to reduce enterprise cost and so as to lay a solid foundation for the economic development of Mianyang.

The meeting requested that this year Mianyang should conscientiously implement various policy measures to reduce costs and burdens that have been promulgated by the state and the province, adhere to the goal-oriented, problem-oriented principle, and further meticulously sort out the various policies and measures introduced. It would focus on implementing the newly-published policies at the state level, such as gradually reducing the social insurance rate. It would also focus on the key areas and links, and make detailed arrangements for Mianyang's relevant policy, initiatives and work lists. It would enhance work coordination, supervision and evaluation, carry out special inspections in stages and evaluate the implementation and effectiveness of established measures. It would make every effort to ensure that all measures are put into action and strive to create a good business environment. (Wang Qing, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)