260 Billion Yuan! Mianyang Has the Second Highest E-commerce Network Transaction Turnover in 2017

(Mianyang News) It is learned from Mianyang Municipal Commercial Affairs Bureau that Mianyang has vigorously implemented the three incubation programs, namely network marketing brands, local e-commerce platforms and e-commerce cluster region, promoted the deep integration of e-commerce with traditional industry and made great efforts to construct the national e-commerce demonstration city. The network transaction turnover of e-commerce in Mianyang is the second highest and reached 206.613 billion Yuan in 2017, with a year-on-year increase of 28.94%, while the retails sales reached 10.383 billion Yuan, increasing by 35.23% than the previous year.    

In 2017, the economy of Mianyang has kept a steady and relatively rapid growth and the industry-based economy has developed steadily along with the further promotion of supply-side reform. The adjustment of three industrial structures continue to shift to the tertiary industry and the innovative service consumption economy is developing with the exuberant vitality. Along with the improvement of overall development environment of tertiary industry, the development of e-commerce in Mianyang has also achieved better performance. Based on the statistics of Mianyang Municipal Commercial Affairs Bureau, there are 44675 e-commerce in total in Mianyang, with 2338 being the service-type, 12 being the platform-type and the rest being the application-oriented type, which shows that the e-commerce structure in Mianyang still focus on the commodity sale and fit in with the features of mainstream e-commerce. Besides, the local industrial corporation has taken advantage of the Internet in the reform of Internet technology and customers¡¯ consumption habits and enlarged the production and marketing channels, which reflects that they has gradually accepted the diversified and individualized marketing modes. Those companies shall continually keep its competitive edge in the infrastructure construction and the flow of capital elements and more local producers are encouraged to make use of the Internet to promote the innovation of channels and enhance the operating proceeds while elevating the competiveness of local e-commerce in the whole province.

What lies behind the wonderful achievements is that Mianyang has steadfastly kept on developing the e-commerce. In 2017, Mianyang has issued the 13th Five-Year Plan on Developing the E-commerce in Mianyang and drafted the Policy in Encouraging and Supporting the Development of E-commerce Industry in Mianyang. By providing ten million Yuan development funds for the development of e-commerce industry, giving priority to the plan and policy, making great efforts to create a favorable environment for the e-commerce¡¯s development in the whole city and further perfecting the guidance and promotion mechanism of e-commerce development industry, Mianyang has established a statistical system of e-commerce industry in line with the modern statistical system and laid a solid foundation for promoting the healthy and sound development of e-commerce industry.

¡°The focus of e-commerce¡¯s development is on the industrial agglomeration and a solid foundation for the development¡±, a relevant official from Mianyang Municipal Commercial Affairs Bureau said. In accordance with the thought of diversified competition and dislocation development, Mianyang has established a number of e-commerce industrial parks and bases according to the local conditions. At present, more than ten e-commerce industry parks featured by industrial elements cluster and industry cluster has been established in Mianyang, such Peicheng e-commerce industry park, Youxian e-commerce industry park, Kechuan District provincial e-commerce demonstration base, economic development zone e-commerce industry park etc., which has initially established the industry cluster pattern featured by the supplementary and synergistic development between the e-commerce cluster of core districts and counties.    

According to the statistics, the application of e-commerce of the 913 above state designated scale in Mianyang has reached 88.5%. There are up to 1580 village e-commerce service shops and 4420 e-commerce operating entities related to the agriculture and the e-commerce transaction turnover of agricultural products reaches 3.14 billion Yuan. 2517 enterprises of service industry in Mianyang has conducting the e-commerce business, with the annual e-commerce transaction turnover reaching 2.823 billion Yuan. The development can be ascribed to Mianyang municipal party Committee and Government¡¯s efforts to put the e-commerce and Internet plus as the top priority in developing the modern service industry and stick to the focal point ¡°promoting the innovation, promotion and application of Internet and new technology of e-commerce in the large-scale trade circulation enterprises, industrial companies and featured agricultural companies¡±, which has greatly promoted the popularization and application of e-commerce in the whole city and speeded up the transformation and upgrading of modern service industry.

Looking back on the past 2017, Mianyang has successfully held the 2017 China E-commerce Development Conference (Sichuan) and such leading corporations as Shunfeng and Jingdong etc have signed a cooperation agreement with Mianyang government, which is praised to be the high-level grand gathering of e-commerce industry in China. In this conference, Mianyang has once again displayed its vitality and vigor of developing the e-commerce. Apart from that, Mianyang also held more than a hundred online promotion activities, such as e-commerce to celebrate the Spring Festival of Qiang ethnic minority, e-commerce in the communities and business districts, with the sales volume reaching more than 1 million Yuan, which has injected vigor into the development of e-commerce in Mianyang. According to the relevant officials of e-commerce department, the economic growth of Mianyang has further shifted from investment-driven to consumption-driven and the online retail sales growth is gaining stronger momentum. The diversified development of such industries as online catering, entertainment and life services has continually contributed to the even better performance of service-oriented network retails. The prominent features of network retail growth is characterized by the double wheel drive, namely the excellent performance of material-oriented network retail and the prosperous development of service-oriented network retails. The vitality of modern service and consumption is further triggered and the contributing force of service-oriented economy, as a new growth pole of regional economy development, is being further released in the regional e-commerce industry and regional economy development.