Breakthroughs in Mianyang: to Build "A Development and Growth Pole of Western Region"

¨CSidelights on the municipal economic work and the city's financial work conference

"Since the 18th CPC National Congress, our city's economic work has achieved significant stage achievements and laid a solid foundation for the development of the future." Siding with the warmer temperatures, here comes the "warm spring" for Mianyang¡¯s economy. On January 15th, walking out of the municipal economic work and the city's financial work conference hall, our delegates were elated with success and confidence.

Facing the complex environment at home and abroad, how could Mianyang realize the harmonious economic development between aggregate and quality, speed and benefit? How to build "the development and growth pole of the western region"? Fortunately, the municipal economic work and the city's financial work conference gives us a powerful and resolute answer: we should firmly follow the guidance of Xi Jinping's economic thoughts on socialist with Chinese characteristics for a new era; we will be always committed to strategic transformation of development and quality development. Our economic goals are to build a strong economic city of the western region in the current period and future.

Mianyang presents a strong opening in building a strong economic city in the west. Now it is time to break through.

As for achievements

We have met the challenges under pressures, accelerated the development, and achieved a new level in economic strength. Over the past five years, our economy handed over a satisfactory "answer sheet" to our people. Many delegates said: "looking back on the past few years, we have not only gained fruitful achievements, but also gathered valuable experience and important inspiration for economic work".

"Only when the economy upswing can we stand with our backs straight". Lan Jin, director and Party secretary of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, showed the development achievements of the past five years: we have achieved 8.9% of average annual growth of the city's economy. The industrial structure has been continuously optimized for 3 times, and the realization of economic growth has been transformed from industry-driven economy to industry and service-driven economy. The "13th Five-Year" reserve projects reached 2,694, and the estimated total investment was more than 1 trillion yuan. Besides, the infrastructure of environmental protection, water conservancy, energy and communications have been accelerated, to name but a few.

We withstand pressure; we are able to persist; and we can uphold the underlying principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability. Those are our secrets of achieving rapid development.

The "13th Five-Year" development plan of science-tech city approved by the State Council has clearly required Mianyang to build itself as a development and growth pole of the western region. Wei Kui, deputy secretary of the Party Work Committee and director of the Management Committee in Xianhai District, said that in the past five years, the municipal Party committee has resisted the downward pressure of the economy, and has always kept the focus on the transformation and development strategy. We have promoted supply-side structural reform as the main line, and done a good job in achieving overall steady growth, promoting reform, adjusting structure and improving people's livelihood, as well as risk prevention work. By doing so, we have laid a solid foundation for the development of Mianyang in the future.

In the fierce competitive environment, the reason why Mianyang can make such a difference is that we give full play to our own advantages and insist on walking the way of development with the characteristics of Mianyang. Xiang Ming, the Party committee secretary of high-tech zone said: "in the past few years, we have put innovation as the first power, led the military-civilian integration with a full test, promoted the transformation and technological innovation, resource sharing and encouraged the application of achievements. The advantages of Mianyang's science and technology and the superiority of military industry of Mianyang are accelerating to transform into the advantages of economic development."

Seeking development

With goals and ways, we will build a strong economy and usher in a new stage of "high-quality development".

The new era gives birth to new ideas and new ideas lead new practices.

"We will promote high-quality development and expand the advantages of Mianyang as the second major cities in Sichuan province, and pursue further promotion in the western cities." The economic work of the Municipal Committee and the city's financial work conference has put forward a clear-cut goal¨Cto build a strong economic city in the western region.

The road ahead is rugged. How to solve the problem? The key is implementation and practice.

National strategies such as "The Belt and Road" construction, the Yangtze River Economic Development Belt have brought favorable opportunities for Mianyang to accelerate to go global. Zou Shiyong, director of the Municipal Expo Bureau, said, "to build a strong economic city in the west, we should focus on industries and projects. The key is to build a soft environment for investment in Mianyang. At the same time, according to the industrial development, we need to build professional platform service company by the classification of the industries. "

"Real economy is a driving engine." Jiang Daiming, the CEO of Mianyang Science Technology City Development Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., believes that to achieve the economic development of ¡°quality first, benefit first¡±, we need to further emancipate the mind, give full play to the decisive role of market allocation of resources, and build on the basis of infrastructure construction and support the development of large industries. We must adhere to the government's leading role in promoting the market-oriented operation of industrial development financing platform.

In the view of Li Haotian, the deputy secretary and mayor of Anzhou District, a high-quality development cannot do without strengthening the construction of the industrial park. He said, ¡°we should continuously enhance the industrial cluster development capacity. We also need to vigorously promote the professional, special and high-end development of the industrial park, and actively promote the construction of modern service industry and modern agricultural industrial park. We should accelerate the formation of modern industrial functional areas with clear leading industries, reasonable specialization and distinct development.¡±

As to expectation

With confidence and determination, we share the fruits of development and carry out the idea of "people-centered".

"For the 2 bases of politics, one is to follow the heart of the people, the other is to improve the well-being of the people."

Practice has enlightened us that we must adhere to the people-centered development thought. We must enhance the well-being of the people and promote the all-round development of human beings as the starting point and foothold for development. "We also need to speed up the construction of a modern infrastructure system, and continue to strengthen the support for economic development." The director of the Municipal Housing Construction Bureau, Shen Ze, said, "we are ready to continue to promote the urban construction."

"Building a well-off society has entered the decisive stage, we must focus on priorities, address inadequacies, and shore up points of weakness." Feng Zhongbing, deputy secretary general of the municipal government, and Party secretary of Municipal Poverty Alleviation Immigration Bureau, said, we have implemented targeted poverty reduction and alleviation measures precisely, just like doing embroidery. Focusing on the well-beings and requirements of our people, including the development of industry, housing security, infrastructure, education and medical treatment, we have implemented targeted poverty reduction and alleviation measures precisely. As a result, we have finished the annual poverty reduction task: Pingwu County has been lifted out of poverty in high quality, as well as 225 poor villages and 35.7 thousand poor people.

Ensuring the improvement of people¡¯s livelihood is not only the purpose of economic work, but also an important part of economic work.

Zhong Siliang, director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, declared on the spot that he should take the lead in seeking green development. He will make every effort to fight the three campaigns of pollution control, vigorously develop the green low-carbon recycling economy, foster the growth of energy saving and environmental protection industry, and strive to reduce the GDP of carbon emission by 3%. In the era of shared economy, Yang Tao, director of the municipal administration bureau, said that he would further standardize the development of shared bicycles and network related cars, and solve the problems of traffic congestion, traffic safety, and parking difficulties and chaos.

In the new era, we are facing new contradictions, setting new goals, and making new deployments. In the historical turning point, the "high-quality development" of Mianyang is a must. Let us seize the opportunity, keep innovation, and construct a strong economic city in the western region.