Mianyang¡¯s Economic Work Will Focus on the Eight Key Tasks

(Mianyang News) On January 15, 2018, it is learned from the Economic and Financial Working Conference of Mianyang Municipal party committee that this year is crucial for the economic development of Mianyang. As is pointed out in the meeting, Mianyang shall continually fulfil the economic job well and the requirement of promoting the high-quality development and speeding up the construction of Western strong economic city should run through the whole process. In order to successfully complete the eight key tasks, Mianyang shall stick to the goal-oriented and problem-oriented working methods, give prominence to the key points and achieve a coordinated development in order to make a good start in building a Western strong economic city.

--Make great efforts to construct the modern industrial system and continue to elevate the industrial development level. The emphasis of the economic development shall be put on the substantial economy and the top priority shall be given to developing the advanced manufacturing industry, speeding up the development of modern service industry and greatly developing the modern agriculture in order to promote the integrative development of tertiary industry and speed up the construction of Western advanced manufacturing strong city, modern service industry strong city and modern agriculture strong city.

--Work hard to expand the investment and consumption and give full play to their driving force in economic growth. The focus shall be on adjusting the structure, increasing the rational and effective investment and upgrading and expanding the consumption based on people¡¯s needs in order to create a virtuous circle featured by the optimization of supply structure and the moderate expansion of aggregate demand, which will continually give full play to the potential of domestic demands.  

--Strive to promote the reform and innovation and enhance the vitality and resilience of economic development. Taking advantage of the opportunity of all-trial innovation, Mianyang shall speed up the reform of important areas and key links and stimulate the vitality of various market entities.

--Try hard to promote the opening to the outside world and cooperation and speed up the construction of overall opening new pattern. It shall promote the opening to the outside world and cooperation in a high standard and take advantage of the overall opening to deepen the reform and achieve the high-quality development of economy.

--Make all efforts to construct the modern infrastructure system and continue to enhance its supporting force to the economy development. With the focus on the ¡°three tough-fighting programs¡± in the construction areas, Mianyang shall balance the construction of infrastructure in such areas as transportation, municipal administration, environmental protection, hydraulic engineering, energy and communication etc.

--Work hard to promote the development of county and lay a solid foundation for the economy development. Mianyang shall earnestly carry out the ¡°revitalization plan¡± of county and greatly implement the revitalization strategy of country in order to wholly upgrade the development level of county.

-- Work hard to elevate the level in ensuring and improving the wellbeing of people while developing the economy in order to better satisfy people¡¯s ever-increasing demands for a better life. Taking the improvement of people¡¯s wellbeing as the starting point and final goals of all work, Mianyang shall combine the development of economy with the improvement of people¡¯s wellbeing and try to fulfill the work within the capabilities in order to deal with the difficulties of people in a down-to-earth manner and make people gain a greater sense of fulfillment, happiness and security.

--Work hard to fulfil the ¡°three tough-fighting programs¡± in building a moderately prosperous society and securing the bottom line of economic and social development. With the construction of a moderately prosperous society entering its decisive stage, it shall focus on the key points and strengthen the weak aspects to achieve success in the ¡°three tough-fighting programs¡± with all the efforts. (Li Zhihao, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily; Pictures from Mianyang Visual)