The "High-tech Service" Speeds up the Landing of Projects

Construction site of Mianyang BOE project (provided by high-tech zone)

(Mianyang News) "For enterprises, to grasp the construction is to grasp the benefit. At present, we have made two adjustments in our production time, at least 5 months ahead of the original time, creating an incredible speed of construction!" Chang Cheng, general executive commander of BOE project, came to the Mianyang high-tech zone on Dec. 22 early in the morning. He had a face-to-face communication with the high-tech zone government on encountered problems in the process of project building. He jokingly said, "our government and BOE are intimate partners, seeking for mutual existence and benefit."

In fact, it is such a normalized and zero-distance communication that allowed the BOE project to create two records in the industry ¨C the shortest SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) in the history and the fastest approval of the national policy.

At the same time, as the "old friend" of the high-tech zone, Mianyang manufacturing company of Sichuan YEMA Automobile has been growing for several years in the high-tech zone. ¡°The high-tech zone has given great support on policies, funds and production qualification applications etc. Their high quality and intimate services have given us strong confidence." said He Maohua, chairman of the company. He also said that under the guidance and encouragements of the government, enterprises not only get better and better, but also are willing to expand their scale and nurture the local economic development. Since the beginning of this year, they have actively introduced supporting enterprises to settle in Mianyang, and now they have reached a consensus with 21 outdoor enterprises. The total investment scale is expected to reach 1 billion yuan.

"High-tech zone has perfected a number of systems, like key projects could directly contact leaders, project officers only need one trip to complete approval process and approval service, and so on. This builds the brand of "high-tech service". Recently, on the project investment work conference of Mianyang, Liu Chao, the deputy secretary and mayor of the municipal Party committee, has spoken highly of the achievements made by the high-tech zone, for it has made every effort to attract invest this year and fully supported the enterprises in the practice of "internal strength" with quality service.

The data showed that in the high-tech zone, from January to November this year, the investment in fixed assets was 12.11 billion yuan, increasing by 18.3%. Among them, the industrial investment was 7.268 billion yuan, increasing by 68.4%; the investment in technical reform was 7.173 billion yuan, increasing by 64.9%. From the perspective of project promotion, key projects of the 15 provinces and cities completed the investment of 4.548 billion yuan, which is faster than the time schedule of 87.7 percentage points. From the perspective of project introduction, 75 projects have been introduced, and 16.9 billion yuan for investment agreement has been attracted; 9.5 billion yuan of domestic money has been put into account, with an increase of 51.4%. The main economic indicators are in the forefront of the city.

These remarkable achievements are not accidental. "This year, based on our own industry, we highlight four key pints: precise investment, project preparation, project promotion and financial guarantee; constantly seek for more investment, stabilize total investment volume and promote the project construction. We strive to make the economic development of the region more and more stable, and the pillar more and more strong.¡± said Dong Hong, director of the high-tech zone management committee.

On the one hand, focusing on the precise investment of the leading industry, leading enterprises and major projects, the high-tech zone adheres to the excellent quality and the bigger scale of the total volume. It combines the combination of innovation mechanism and optimization services. It not only implements the "joint preparatory work for key projects mechanism, but also opens up " easy access " for the approval. In the area of industrial and commercial registration, project environmental impact assessment, planning approval, land supply, it provides priority and personal services for the enterprises, so as to speed up the landing of key projects.

On the other hand, the high-tech zone adheres to the combination of the advance and the breakthroughs, and accelerates the project by using point to point "nanny" service. At the same time, we must continuously adhere to the combination of government guidance and business entities. We must strengthen the platform companies, increase financial support and set up an enterprise financing service platform, so as to make up for the shortage of funds.

Today, more and more major projects and enterprises have focused on the high-tech zone, such as the large gas station project of the world's top 500 ¨C Air Liquide, the CNC machine project of Lu Lida, and the Anhe mobile Internet industry park, Century Garden, Huarun group, etc. The landing of these projects will surely promote the high-tech zone to stride forward towards " the first - class high-tech park in western areas". (Deng Xuelin, all media reporter from Mianyang Daily)


Project construction calls for more "high-tech service"

¡õFang Fayong

From January to November this year, among the five indicators involving the effectiveness of the project investment, the high -tech zone all entered the top three, which is the only one in the city. At the same time, the "high-tech service" behind it has attracted people¡¯s applause.

What is "high-tech service"? In addition to the literal meaning of "service in high-tech zone", it may be summed up as follows: high efficiency and innovation. The so-called high efficiency refers to its "front-line work method" ¨C leaders command the project in the front-line, cadres implement the project in the front-line, information is acquired in the front-line, the problems are solved in the front-line. The" front-line work method" has realized the faster speed of the project landing. The so-called innovation refers to the project headquarters office "moving" into the project site. The park cadres and cadres of enterprises in key projects are temporarily mixed. Such "mix up" method solves the problem of doing business.

In general, the "high-tech service" has realized the implementation of the front command, department coordination, zero distance service and accessibility.

We can see a leopard by peeping the speckle. The "high-tech service" is a reflection of the ideological state, ideas, mental state and work style of local departments. Furthermore, the leading cadres are the organizers, managers and promoters of the project investment and construction. Whether the construction of the project is good or not is reflected by the leadership. "High-tech service" is also the embodiment of the leadership and driving force, the cohesiveness and centripetal force of the team, the execution and fighting capacity of the cadres.

Recently, general secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions on strengthening the Party's style of work. It points out that there are open doors and smile faces in some government units, but it is difficult to get the problems solved. It is not easy to introduce a project, and even harder to retain and build a project. We call for more high-tech services for the construction of the project, and help projects solve problems easily and efficiently.