Mianyang Organizes an Enterprise Group to Attend the Second Sino-German Economic Forum

(Mianyang News) The second Sino-German Economic Forum and a series of economic and trade activities were held in Chengdu a few days ago. At the forum, Mianyang showcased itself to the guests from different perspectives, including its economy, culture and environment, with the theme of ¡°Innovative Mianyang and Intelligent Manufacturing¡±.

The activities include Sino-German Economic Forum, Sino-German Investment Trade Fair and Sino-German Cooperation Achievement Exhibition. Mianyang organized a dozen of enterprise representatives that have business contact with Germany to attend the Sino-German Investment Trade Fair, namely Xichen Power, Xicicidian and Meifeng-Messer. Among which, Meifeng-Messer conducted one-to-one match with a German enterprise. They learned about each other¡¯s demand and market potential through communication and laid a good foundation for future in-depth cooperation. During the forum, the Sino-German Cooperation Achievement Exhibition was held. At the exhibition, Mianyang displayed the remarkable results achieved from its cooperation with Germany to Chinese and foreign guests in the forms of on-the-spot explanation, video and picture presentation and object demonstration, which was well-received.

It¡¯s known that Mianyang has further deepened its exchanges and cooperation with Germany with the help of Sino-German innovative industry cooperation platform in recent years. During the Western China International Economy and Trade Fair in 2016, the Sino-German Economic and Technical Cooperation Fair of the Sci-Tech City of China (Mianyang) was hosted in Chengdu; some investment promotion activities were held in Munich, Germany in April, 2017, like the Sino-German Industrial Park Investment Promotion Conference. The enterprises of Mianyang have strengthened their project cooperation with German enterprises. For instance, Changhong, Xichen Power, Liuhe Forging and Meifeng Chemical Engineering have conducted investment cooperation with German enterprises, such as Siemens, Fenix, BMW and Carl-Mertens and Messer Griesheim. All of these have laid a solid foundation for the mutural exchanges and in-depth cooperation between China and Germany. (Xie Yan, all-media reporter from Mianyang Daily)