"Changhong¡ªState Grid" Smart Energy Management System Debuts

On December 8, at the product launching conference held by the Industrial Technology Research Institute of China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City, Changhong corporation, jointly with the state grid corporation, released the "Changhong---State Grid" smart energy management system. It is reported that the system provides cloud, tube and terminal smart energy management system services to users, so that users can grasp the water and electricity in time and help users form the habit of energy conservation.

The director of the new smart department of Changhong technical center Ming Shuang said, ¡°based on the deep integration of the technology, resources and energy, we can realize the organic integration, proper labor division, and the overall linkage in the area of intelligence and energy, as well as a plurality of sub areas. We need to make full use of network technology to realize the real time interactive and interoperability, so as to achieve the best running state of high efficiency optimization.¡±

It is understood that the system is mainly target to the office building, industrial park and other large energy households. It can also reduce the amount of work for the energy service providers. At present, Changhong international city district has completed the reconstruction of more than 1000 water meters. Through the camera direct reading, protocol conversion and networking transmission, as well as cloud image recognition, they completed the remote data acquisition, analysis and management. "It helps us not only completely goes away from the traditional time-consuming manual meter reading method, but also provides real-time energy data for water electric energy companies, so to use energy more efficiently." said Liu Menghong, who is respond for the data acquisition technology.

In addition, Changhong smart energy management system achieves accurate energy consumption metering, real-time monitoring and energy consumption analysis for televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators and other household appliances, and achieves intelligent settings and timing management. Especially for the "electricity consuming tiger"¡ªair conditioners, the system uses power line carrier and micropower wireless dual-mode technology to achieve unified configuration to the fan coil system, centralized management and energy using control, and to achieve energy internet and visual management.