Mianyang Establishes Friendly and Cooperative Relationships with Cupertino

(Mianyang News) Recently in Mianyang, vice mayor Jing Dazhong led his team to visit Cupertino, the core city in the Silicon Valley. Jing Dazhong and his parties held talks with councilman Zhang Zhaofu (former mayor) and other municipal officials. They also attended the signing ceremony of Memorandum of Establishing Friendly Relations and Cooperation between Mianyang (China) Cupertino (US). According to the memorandum, the two sides will carry out various forms of exchanges and cooperation in economic, trade, science and technology, culture, education and tourism and other fields. Up to now, Mianyang has 25 international sister cities.

As a famous American science and technology city and core city of the Silicon Valley, Cupertino city is the place in which Apple Computer and Seagate technology and other high-tech giants are located. It's full of vitality and has a good prospect. Mianyang is the only China Science and Technology City. It is an important pivot city in the junction point between the Belt and Road and the Yangtze River economic belt. It is becoming the bridgehead for China's inland opening, especially opening to the west. Mianyang is highly consistent with Cupertino in the fields of direction of development, resources and comparative advantage. Taking the signing of Memorandum of Establishing Friendly Relations and Cooperation between Mianyang (China) Cupertino (US) as an opportunity, both sides hope to deepen the innovation of science and technology cooperation, support the cooperation in research institutions and enterprises and promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation in economic and trade, science and technology, education, agriculture, tourism and other fields.

Jing Dazhong described the basic condition of Mianyang city and the overview of Mianyang International High-Tech Expo of all previous sessions. He invited Cupertino delegation to attend the 6th International High-Tech Expo of Chinese (Mianyang) Science and Technology City. Zhang Zhaofu said that Cupertino city attaches great importance to the establishment of friendly relations and cooperation with Mianyang. It will further strengthen the communication with Mianyang, seeking more opportunities for cooperation in trade, education, culture, tourism and other fields. Zhang Zhaofu also invited Mianyang to participate the Global Smart City Summit held in Cupertino in April, 2018. He issued a formal invitation to Mianyang delegation. (Tang Jingjing, Yuan Yuan, Yang Renping, all media reporters from Mianyang Daily)