The Speed of Item Examination and Approval of Enterprises and Projects with "Service Green Cards" in Mianyang Increases by 54 Percent

Build ¡°one-to-one¡± service team and establish ¡°three-in -one¡± service platform

Mianyang Daily (reporter Xie Yan) Our reporters knew from the Municipal Administration of Government Affairs Service on November 29 that the service window of ¡°service green card¡± for the municipal government affairs service and public resource transaction has handled 31 items of administrative examination and approval for 18 projects from 5 key enterprises, including Xinshifa Door and Window, since the trail implementation of the management method of ¡°service green card¡± at the beginning of this June. The opening of the service of ¡°green channel¡± makes actual processing time drop by 54 percent compared with commitment time.

¡°It is very convenient to use service green card. We can acquire and master real-time information from the WeChat Official Account on the card as well as find out the office address and contact person via the Address Book of Service Green Card. The service windows can initiatively supply the ¡°green channel¡± of approval service through inquiring the project library even without showing ¡°service green cards¡± during handling administrative examination and approval,¡± said directors of enterprises and projects that have acquired ¡°service green cards¡±. They all stated that the ¡°service green card¡± is convenient to use and ensures a smooth processing. Up to date, the Municipal Administration of Government Affairs Service hasn¡¯t received any complaints about ¡°service green card¡± from projects and enterprises.

It is known that representatives of 96 projects and enterprises of Mianyang gained ¡°service green cards¡± on September 22. Leaders, service specialists, assistance specialists and representatives of green card liaisons from major responsible departments for green card operation, including the Municipal Administration of Government Affairs Service and the Municipal Investment Promotion Bureau, made on-site alignment with directors of enterprises that obtain ¡°service green cards¡±. At present, 96 projects and enterprises with ¡°service green cards¡± have all confirmed their contact leaders in project locations, contact leaders of the Municipal Administration of Government Affairs Service, project specialists (service specialists) and assistance specialists; 60 municipal departments concerning green card service have made clear their leaders and administrative offices in charge as well as liaisons of the green card; all counties, county-level cities, districts and parks have clarified their leaders and departments in charge, liaisons of green card and built a service team of green card consisting of over 500 people, including contact leaders, three types of specialists and liaisons of green card. The team can make sure that the problems of projects and enterprises with green cards are all solved by people in charge by following the service principle of ¡°meeting every requirement and coordinating all problems of clients¡±.

Besides special service team, the platform of ¡°green card service¡± is also under fast construction. The Municipal Administration of Government Affairs Service has taken the lead in setting up a ¡°green card service window¡± paralleled with the approval window on the 11th floor as well as a ¡°green card service office¡± on the 13th floor of the service center for the municipal government affairs and public resource transaction. The government affairs centers of various counties, county-level cities and districts have all followed suit and regarded it as the real service center of ¡°green card service¡±. In order to ensure the simultaneous operation of the real service platform and the online service platform, Mianyang has opened the ¡°special column of service green card¡± on the municipal government affairs service website (the official website of the Municipal Administration of Government Affairs Service). It serves as the unified network service entrance of Mianyang. And such contents as policy document, the approval progress of projects with green cards and the links of special column of service green card of the municipal departments are open to the public through this column. It is convenient for projects and enterprises with green cards to check required information any time anywhere. Meanwhile, Mianyang has also built the Wechat work group and QQ work group of ¡°service green card¡± so as to establish more convenient and efficient government-enterprise liaison platform to help the communication among green card service departments. The establishment of the three-in-one service platform that integrates real platform, network platform and new media platform makes sure that projects and enterprises with green cards can ¡°realize their goals¡±.

At present, various counties, county-level cities, districts and parks have all established the work mechanism to contact with the municipal departments and tried in every way possible to open ¡°green channel¡± and offer ¡°one-to-one¡± service and specialist training for projects and enterprises. For instance, Youxian district offers door-to-door service for enterprises; the high-tech zone supplies advanced service of ¡°six plus one¡± for enterprises; Santai county initiatively opens ¡°green channel¡± for enterprises with ¡°service green cards¡±; Xianhai carries out the system ¡°Baobao¡± (which means being responsible for a task until it is completed) of project implementation. All of these have created high-quality and high-efficient environment of government affairs service for attracting business and investment and building projects.