Liu Chao Inspects Dongjiang Environmental, Huike and Jialande in Shenzhen

Liu Chao, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor of Mianyang, led his team to inspect three subsidiary companies of Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co., Ltd. successively in Shenzhen on November 30, namely Dongjiang Environmental Co., Ltd., Huike Co., Ltd., and Jialande Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Besides, Liu and his team also attended the project signing ceremony of Dongjiang Environmental, which is meant to establish a center as well as a research and development base for the resource utilization and innocent treatment of industrial waste.

During his inspection in Dongjiang Environmental, Liu had an informal discussion with Xu Guang, chairman of Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co., Ltd. and secretary of the Party committee. He stated that Guangdong Rising Assets Management, a large international conglomerate solely funded by the state of Guangdong province, ranks first among provincial competitive enterprises in terms of total assets. It leads the country in many sectors, such as ore resources, electronic information and environmental protection. The Dongjiang Environmental subordinated to Guangdong Rising Assets Management is the only environmental protection enterprise listed on two cities, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, in China. It boasts technological superiority in many fields as well as profound industry experience, gradually becoming ˇ°a respectable frontrunner in environmental protection industryˇ±. Mianyang enjoys important strategic position, obvious policy superiority and superior investment environment. At present, it is working hard to create the ˇ°test fieldˇ± of national innovation-driven development, the ˇ°bellwetherˇ± of military-civilian integration innovation and the ˇ°growth poleˇ± of west development. In result, Mianyang has vast market prospect and enormous development potential.

Liu said that the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly proposes advancing green development as well as building and improving an economic system featuring green, low carbon and cyclic development. The successful project signing of Dongjiang Environmental for establishing a center as well as research and development base for the resource utilization and innocent treatment of industrial waste serves as a specific action of the two parties to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party as well as a practical move to deepen the government-enterprise cooperation and realize mutual benefit and win-win results. He sincerely hopes that the two parties will take the opportunity of this singing to further consolidate sound cooperative ties, continue to expand cooperation field, enrich the content of cooperation, raise cooperative level, blaze a new starting point together for pragmatic cooperation and join hands to open a new chapter for mutually-beneficial development; he warmly welcomes such prospect that Guangdong Rising Assets Management views Mianyang as an important city for enterprises to enter the western market and develops an all-round cooperation with Miangyang in many sectors, including electronic information, energy conservation and environment protection, engineering construction and finance. Besides, Guangdong Rising Assets Management is welcome to lay out a batch of major projects in Mianyang and work hard to establish characteristic advantaged industrial cluster; he heartily hopes that Dongjiang Environmental will speed up to advance project construction so as to build the project into a benchmarking demonstration project for the development of urban circular economy with great efforts. He also hopes Dongjiang Environment to actively participate in the environmental protection construction, such as the township sewage treatment and domestic rubbish disposal in Mianyang, and lift bilateral cooperation to a higher level with common efforts. Xu Guang said this cooperation marks the beginning for Guangdong Rising Assets Management to invest in southwestern region and serve the construction of national Sci-Tech City and it is of great significance. We will support Dongjiang Environmental to carefully honor the agreements and accelerate the project construction in order to strive for early completion and using of the project. We will also take this as an opportunity to look for new coherence point of cooperation in broader field and at deeper and higher level as well as help yield more fruitful results of mutual cooperation.

At Huike, Liu had an informal discussion with Wang Zhiyong, chairman of Huike. And the two parties had in-depth exchanges on relevant issues concerning the project. They stated that they have reached cooperative consensus and established sound relationships. On this base, they will meet each other halfway and exert joint efforts to ensure the early operation, start and effect of the project with more solid confidence, a more proactive attitude and more pragmatic measures in the principal of sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and common development.

Liu also went to Jialande Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and had an informal discussion with Lu Jianxin, chairman of the company. The two parties said that they will strengthen communication and exchanges, maintain close alignment and carry out pragmatic cooperation in fields like intelligent terminal industry to create intelligent terminal industrial cluster together.

The participants of the discussion, signing ceremony and inspection include Yan Chao, municipal leader, Tan Gang, general secretary of the municipal government, Deng Jinxian, chairman of Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co., Ltd. and deputy secretary of the Party committee, Liu Ren, vice president of Dongjiang Environmental Co., Ltd., Hang Jingqiang, vice president of Huike Co., Ltd., and Lai Zhihua, general manager of Jiadelan Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

From Shenzhen Special of Mianyang Daily (reporter Ma Xinyou)